5 Quick & Easy One-Pot Dinners Starring Rice — Recipes from The Kitchn

After a long day, the thought of cooking an elaborate meal and thus filling a sink with dirty dishes can be enough to convince you to call in for takeout. That's why meals that require just one pot are such big wins on weeknights. These five one-pot meals lean on rice, along with plenty of veggies and protein, to make for well-rounded recipes that require nothing but a bowl and a fork to eat. Cleanup is guaranteed to be a breeze!


10 Ways to Turn Frozen Meatballs into an Easy Weeknight Dinner — Tips from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Meatballs are some of my favorite foods to make and eat. They are so versatile and can be adapted any number of ways to feature a wide range of flavor profiles. It seems that almost every culture has some sort of meatball in its recipe box.

Keeping a stash of frozen meatballs on hand can open the door to any number of easy weeknight dinners. You can make your own meatballs and freeze them for convenience, or simply pick up a bag in the freezer aisle to use at a moment's notice.

Consider these options next time you're stumped for what's for dinner:


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There’s a New Instant Pot for Single People — Shopping

We don't hear many bad things about the Instant Pot. Our staffers love it. Our readers love it. It's basically the Tom Hanks of cooking appliances — people have only nice things to say about it!

If we had to call out one thing to nitpick about it, it'd maybe be that the sizes — a 6- and 8-quart option — were just a little too large for a household of one. If you live alone, you probably weren't getting to experience the magic of the Instant Pot because you just didn't need to make a vat of Potato Risotto.

Allow us to introduce you to the newish 3-quart Instant Pot!


25 Awesome Main Dishes for a Crowd-Pleasing BBQ — Recipes from The Kitchn

Here's my secret to being a backyard BBQ baller: I keep my sides, drinks, and desserts simple, but serve up the biggest, most impressive main dishes I can muster. Ribs, whole artichokes, or even a big ol' turkey are sure to wow your guests.

From teriyaki pork tenderloin and dill pickle chicken, to cauliflower steaks and short ribs, here are 25 impressive mains for your next BBQ that will feed a crowd and then some.


My Favorite Healthy Recipes: Olga from Arlington, Virginia — My Healthy Recipes

(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

Welcome to Kitchn's new series My Favorite Healthy Recipes, where we show you how real people around the country (and even world) eat "healthy," however they choose to define that for themselves. Maybe you'll find a few recipes to add to your own meal plan.

Name: Olga Berman
Location: Arlington, VA
Age: 38
Occupation: Government employee by day, food blogger and salsa dancer by night
Number of people in household: 1


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