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Lessons from Italy: 3 Tips for Making Authentic Focaccia Los Angeles Times

2010_03-22-lemonbread.jpgSometimes there are so many bad renditions of a foreign dish, it takes a trip out of the country to realize how good the original is. That's how it was with focaccia for chef Nancy Silverton. One taste of the real thing in southern Italy sent her on a quest for the secrets of making great focaccia, which she shared in the LA Times last week.

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Beer Review: Bear Republic’s Red Rocket Ale Beer Sessions

2011-05-31-RedRocketBeer.jpgThis beer was all kinds of surprising. As in, I looked at the label and assumed one thing (a Scottish ale). Then I took a sniff and thought another thing (barleywine). And when I finally sipped it, this beer wound up giving me something else entirely. I'm still working on what that is. One thing is sure: it's one heck of a tasty brew.

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The Most Inspiring thing ever said…

Party Trick: Homemade Cotton Candy Without a Machine

2011_05_31-CottonCandy.jpgAre you a fan of soft, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy? For me, that hot, melting taste of spun sugar is linked with summer fairs and festivals, and it holds a strong nostalgic sweetness. With just a little practice, and a little skill, you can make a fancied-up version of this treat at home, as Andrea from Cooking Books shows us.

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What Can I Cook With Green Tomatoes? Good Questions

Q: At the farmers' market yesterday I jumped on the first sign of a tomato! The sign simply said, "Green Tomato." I just cut one open to have with breakfast but discovered that it is on the firm side. Is this just an underripened tomato? I did some searching online and found recipes for fried green tomatoes. Do you have any other suggestions for what to cook with 7 little green tomatoes?

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Play with Your Drinks: The Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters

2011-05-31-BitterTruthBitters.jpgI can't remember where I first heard about this snazzy line of cocktail bitters from The Bitter Truth, but I'm glad I did. Grapefruit bitters? Chocolate bitters? Maybe we can't afford ambergris, but we can certainly still bring some bling to our cocktails.

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