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Low-Alcohol Refreshment: The Shandy

2011_06_01-shandy.jpgDrinkers in the UK looking for a beverage without a lot of alcohol know what to order at the pub: a shandy! This mix of beer and sparkling lemonade is lightly alcoholic and very refreshing.

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Venezuela’s Inflation Crisis: Many Spend Half Their Income on FoodForbes

2011_06-01-Market.jpgCan you imagine forking over half your income for basic food with prices rising daily? That's the reality for some Venezuelans. Forbes reports that the poorest one-fourth of Venezuelans spend 45 percent of their income on food.

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On Making Chive Flower Vinegar

Chive flowers, those pretty purple poufs, are high up on my list of edible-flower-favorites. I like tossing them into salads for a burst of color or as a special grilled cheese insert, but it wasn’t until last year that a neighbor tipped me off to their merits as an infusing agent.

The results? Beautiful and delicious!

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On Learning How to Think Like a Chef

2011_05_28-chef.jpgI talk about cooking a lot with my family. I'm a baker, my sister's in culinary school, and both of my parents are fantastic cooks in their own way. But the one thing I'm not is an intuitive cook. Or a chef. Or whatever you may like to call it. I need a recipe. I'm often a little paralyzed without one, in fact.

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Skeptical Shoppers: How Much Do You Trust Food Labels?

2011-05-31-FoodLabels2.jpgDo you ever look down at a box of this or a package of that and think, "Really?"

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Portable Cooking: 5 Tabletop Grills

Summer is fast approaching and the temperatures are rising across the country. If you haven't realized, it's grilling season and that's seriously exciting. There's nothing quite like standing over a grill watching those delicious grill marks form on our favorite foods. Full size outdoor grills aren't necessarily for everyone; they aren't very portable, can't be used indoors and are just plain old bulky. Tabletop grills are a great alternative that often don't get quite enough attention.

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