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Before & After: See a Dated Kitchen Get a New Look Without The Hassle of a Big Remodel — Apartment Therapy

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How To Make Yogurt Drops at Home — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

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I remember a time in raising my children in which I was never without one of those zip-top bags of frozen yogurt bites. If they needed something while we waited for dinner to arrive at the table, or a quiet snack at library story time, there they were. And while I loved making baby food for them and freezing yogurt for snacks, there was just no beating the commercial yogurt bites — even I enjoyed my fair share of the sweet, tangy, melt-in-your mouth texture of those bites.

It almost pains me to have discovered a hack for making dried yogurt bites at home after that season of my child-rearing is coming to an end, but when I discovered I could turn a kitchen staple's leftovers in to tender snack bites, I knew I needed to share this splendid secret.


17 Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes to Keep Stashed in the Freezer — Recipes from The Kitchn

I'm a firm believer that stashing a week's worth (or even more!) of breakfast in the freezer is one of the absolute best things you can do for your future self. It feels nothing short of victorious when you can roll out of bed, pop breakfast in the oven, and, by the time you're showered and ready for work, have a warm breakfast in hand. What's not to love about that?

From breakfast sandwiches and burritos, to muffins and breakfast cookies, it's time to stash these 17 breakfast recipes in your freezer right now.


5 Grocery Store Items That Are Worth the Splurge — Shopping

Confession: I get a rush of adrenaline from finding good grocery store deals. Recently, I stocked up on chips, kettle corn, and other snacks that were 90 percent off at a local imports store. I think I paid 35 cents for the most expensive item!

But while I love a bargain, I'm pretty choosy on what I'll snatch up. In fact, I'm kinda picky when it comes to certain foods that I think are worth the splurge. Here are five ingredients that I am always willing to spend money on at the grocery store.


9 Delightfully Weird British Dishes You Need to Try — Brilliantly British

Before visiting the U.K. for the first time in the early '90s, I knew bangers were sausages and rashers were slices of bacon. Crisps were chips and chips were fries. I had the essentials down because. let's be honest, there wasn't much else a 10-year-old needed to know.

But when I returned later in life, navigating menus wasn't as easy as it had been with my childhood palate. I learned quickly that puddings were sometimes savory and sometimes sweet, but never actually the texture of American pudding. Pudding is also just a term for dessert. Tea is a hot drink, but also regional slang for the evening meal. Pies were traditionally savory, and sometimes topped with mashed potatoes instead of pastry. While living in England, I learned to ask for mince beef instead of ground beef, but it took me a while to realize mincemeat was not actually meat at all.


A 4-Year-Old Ranks the New Halo Top Ice Cream Flavors — Taste Test

I confess that I've been way behind trends, especially when it comes to frozen desserts. But the grocery store gave me a coupon for Halo Top ice cream last week, so I finally caved and picked up a pint of strawberry. It got mixed reviews from my husband, but an enthusiastic thumbs-up from my four-year old daughter. So why not let her, who loves all things frozen (animated and edible), try out Halo Top's eight new flavors and rank them?


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