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Where Can I Find Outdoor Party Lights? — Good Questions

2013-01-07-PartyLightsGQ.jpgQ: A picture of outdoor lighting on wire was used for the post How to Make a Master Prep List for a Big Dinner Party. Are the lights recycled, or new and available to purchase? If so, does anyone know where can I buy them?

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No-Cost Ways I’m Refreshing My Home in the New Year

201217KN2.jpgI try to focus the energy a new year brings into a few ways to refresh and brighten the house. I've settled this year on three no-cost but effective ways to embrace the new year in our home.

No-Cost Home Refreshers
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5 Soba Noodle Recipes for Winter

Cold soba noodles are the base of many a hot-weather salad, but I tend to like them best in winter, when I can eat them warm and paired with strong, hot flavors and winter greens. Here are a few favorite winter soba noodle recipes from around the web: More

Beyond Kale: 7 More Chips Made from Leafy Greens

2012_01_07-chips.jpgAre you as addicted to crispy, crackly kale chips as we are? Well, you don't have to stop there. Just about any leafy green can be turned into an easy and, oh yes, healthy snack. More

Wine Words: Nouveau

2013-1-7-winewords.jpgHappy New Year. I thought I would start 2013 with the wine word 'Nouveau'. Most readers probably know this wine word and associate it with Beaujolais, specifically the wines labeled 'Beaujolais Nouveau'. Do you know what 'nouveau' means in this context? More

3 Knives to Covet for the New Year

2011_03_24-EPknife1.jpgLet me begin this post by admitting that I'm far from an expert on knives. Until quite recently, we had few that were worth even picking up, but I invested in two winners and Santa left one under the tree so things are starting to look up around here. Knives can be a tricky thing to buy because department store sets often include repeats of what you already own, or knives that may not be useful for your cooking style. And then there are the choices, the brands, the pricing. There's so much to know. More

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