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Lemon-Herb Hummus & Toasted Fennel and Orange Morning Cakes — Delicious Links

2013_02_07-Links.jpgA wonderful bowlful of delicata squash and kale, plus banana-nut porridge in today's Delicious Links. More

What Can I Do With Really Spicy Chili Oil? — Good Questions

Q: My husband received a bottle of fancy citrus habanero olive oil as a gift. It is incredibly spicy, far too spicy to use as a finishing oil or vinaigrette, and we don't want to just dump it into chili or something. How can we take advantage of the flavours in the oil without burning our mouths?


Trays on the Countertop: Keeping Things Organized and Close at Hand — Kitchen Gallery

Do you keep a tray near the stove to corral oils, spices, and cooking utensils? We went through our Kitchen Tour archives and found a lot of examples. If you prefer certain groupings of foods or pantry items, adding a tray underneath just makes it that much neater — and helps keep drips and spills from building up on your counter. More

Rustic Pot Rack Idea: Use Driftwood!

020613_xpost815.jpgThere's so much to love in this picture... the herbs drying on the rack, the vintage metal baskets, the copper pots and pans. It's everything a cozy rustic kitchen should be!

Driftwood Pot Rack
  Apartment Therapy

Offbeat Sweet: Homemade Black Licorice

Offbeat Sweet: Homemade Black Licorice

Judging by America's obsession with possessive, moody vampires and young entrepreneurs with a taste for domination, we have a national fascination with the darker side of love. Here's an idea for those not interested in the usual pink, sweet and simple homemade treat: dark and chewy DIY black licorice.


The Country Cooking of Greece by Diane Kochilas — New Cookbook

Greek food — real, fresh, diverse Greek food — is often underrepresented here in the States. Sure, you can find a "Greek salad" anywhere, but from the mountains to the islands, Greece is a country of many different regions and dishes. Fortunately, for those of us who love Greek cuisine and want to learn more, there's The Country Cooking of Greece by Diane Kochilas. Omnivores and vegetarians alike will enjoy the rustic, homestyle recipes, many of them featuring ingredients like whole grains, healthy greens, and other seasonal fare. More

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