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Appetizer Recipe: Roasted Feta Cheese with Fig-Thyme Compote — Recipes from The Kitchn

Appetizer Recipe: Roasted Feta Cheese with Fig-Thyme Compote

Roast a block of feta and the first time you taste it, you'll wonder, Why did I waste so much of my life eating baked brie? Spreadably soft, with a tangy, salty, rich flavor, baked feta is easy to make and almost impossible to resist. Adding a sweet compote of dried figs simmered with honey and fresh thyme rounds out the flavors and turns a humble starter into a knock-out appetizer that is pretty enough for any party.


The Kitchen of 2001… As Predicted by Walter Cronkite in 1967 — Video


On March 12, 1967, Walter Cronkite gave his viewers a tour of a 21st century home, and it's a fascinating look at what captivated the imaginations of Americans in the late 60's. It's even more interesting to see what really has come to pass (videophones, newspapers delivered by satellite) to what still seems kind of bizarre (molded on-demand plastic plates?!). The plates were a major feature of the futuristic kitchen, which also has a 'no dirty dishes' policy. Why? Because the used plates are melted down again! Watch the video for more of Cronkite's 2001 vision, and see a transcript below: More

Housing Already Shows Signs of a New Bubble

Home prices are suddenly soaring again and consumer confidence in housing is returning, trends that are raising some serious red flags.

Smart Kitchen Solutions: Neat Drawer Storage for Onions, Potatoes, Even Bread — Kitchen Inspiration

2013-2-5-inspiration.jpgWe've talked before about the best way to store potatoes, onions, and other root vegetables. If you've got the space and wherewithal, it doesn't get much better than these storage drawers. Deep baskets keep onions and potatoes separate - and neat! (No floating onion skins cluttering the cabinets.) There's even a bread box. Don't mind if we do! More

Pistachio-Chai Muffins & Slow Cooker Beef, Barley, and Vegetable Soup — Delicious Links

2013_02_05-Links.jpgI'm kind of loving the look of these buffalo chicken sandwiches, pistachio-chai muffins, and Deb Perelman's intensely chocolate sables. More

What Is This Mystery Kitchen Tool? — Good Questions

Q: I was in NYC a few weekends ago and found this interesting object at the Brooklyn Flea Market. I asked a bunch of people what it is and received a variety of answers. What do your readers think it is?


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