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Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins & Hash Brown Quiche — Delicious Links

2013_03_04-Links.jpgEspresso protein shake, spiced roasted cauliflower, and a hash brown quiche in today's Delicious Links. More

Ideas for Breakfasts That Can Be Sent in the Mail? — Good Questions

Ideas for Breakfasts That Can Be Sent in the Mail?Q: I need ideas for a breakfast that I can mail to a dear friend as a surprise. The only idea I have is for a "cake in a jar" which, once baked in the jar, is nicely sealed and will survive the trip without a problem. Are there any other possible breakfast ideas? 


Kitchen Before & After: A Modern Makeover For a House On the Market — Reader Kitchen Remodel

2013-3-4-before1.jpgWhen Ana and John decided to sell their 3-bedroom house, they knew they'd need to spruce up their tired, dated kitchen to attract potential buyers. The original 1927 kitchen was still intact for half of the space, but there were issues: modern sized plates didn't fit in the vintage cabinets over the sink, and the appliances and open shelving (which necessitated demolishing the original cabinets on one side of the space) made the kitchen look cluttered. Visitors, Ana said, always found the original farmhouse style sink charming, but it was much too shallow to be practical. And the linoleum floor? "An eyesore and hard to keep clean."

So with a return investment in mind, the couple worked with a kitchen designer to give their (partial) 1927 kitchen a fresh, new look and make it appealing to potential buyers. Read more about the renovation and see 'After' photos below: More

Reader Intelligence: Great Gifts for New Moms?

We asked a bunch of mothers what gifts they'd love to receive from friends, right after giving birth. Can you guess the #1 item on the list? Just a hint: it wasn't onesies or breast pumps.

Reader Intelligence: Great Gifts for New Moms?
  Apartment Therapy

Breakfast Beats: Watch a Man Play Bananas Like a Piano — Video

Breakfast Beats: Watch a Man Play Bananas Like a Piano

Your mother told you not to play with your food, but she probably didn't know about the Makey Makey, a piece of equipment that can turn almost anything into a keyboard key — even a banana. Don't believe us? See it in action below!


Try This At Home by Richard Blais — New Cookbook

This is a guy who gives new meaning to the idea of playing with your food. Whether it's skewering french toast on cinnamon sticks for brunch-ready finger food or making cheez-whiz foam for a burger, Richard Blais is definitely having fun in the kitchen. His enthusiasm is infectious. I want to cook from this book and I want to do it right now.


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