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Great Kitchen Gift for $20: Crosscut Boards

2013-3-4-cross-boards.jpgWhile shopping at Canoe last summer, I spotted these all-purpose crosscut boards and almost bought a few on the spot. Made from fallen hardwood logs in the Minnesota woods, each 8-10" board is specially cured and sealed, so you can use them as either a cutting or serving board. More

Some Zing for Your Plate! Sriracha Salt — Ingredient Spotlight

Some Zing for Your Plate: Sriracha Salt

There's sriracha and then there's sriracha salt! I started off sprinkling this over the poached eggs and toast I was having for breakfast, and now I'm adding it to just about everything: avocado toast, bowls of popcorn, sandwich fixings, grilled chicken breast. With its mellow chili flavor and salty zing, I just can't help myself.


Magnetic Periodic Table of Herbs & Spices! — Reader Kitchen Project

2013_03_05-Periodic01.jpgHow do you organize your dried herbs and spices? In a drawer? On the wall? We're always so impressed when our readers send in their own organizational accomplishments — but Tyler really wins the award for most awesome (and most nerdy!) approach! Read on for more... More

A Break From Granola: Why Muesli Rules

2011_1_7-shelbymuseli04_rect540 (1).jpgIf granola and yogurt is your morning speed, chances are you've come across muesli at some point. While many of the ingredients are the same, muesli, the Swiss cousin of granola, is different. So if you like granola, why mess with your routine? What's the big deal with muesli? More

Setting a Formal Table: A Visual Guide!

2013-3-4-setting_table1.jpgI don't throw many (or any, really) formal dinner parties, but I still found this diagram helpful, if for no other reason than it illuminates Downton Abbey's dining etiquette. More

Nightly Ritual: Making Yogurt for Tomorrow’s Breakfast

2013_03_04-yogurt.jpgThere are many reasons why I wouldn't mind being a houseguest of my favorite British cook and cookbook author Nigel Slater, but his nightly ritual of making up a pot of yogurt for the next day is near to the top. For over 30 years Nigel has been whisking up a small bowl of milk with a few tablespoons of live yogurt and milk powder and leaving it on the counter to rest overnight, wrapped up tight in a thick towel. By the next day, he has a lovely bowl of thick, silky yogurt. Now that's a way to start your day! More

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