Nobody Has Ever Loved Food as Much as This Man Loves Tea — Food News

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Britain is known for being a nation of tea-lovers, but nobody in the U.K. loves tea as much as Yorkshireman Nathan Garner. In fact, nobody has ever loved any food as much as he loves tea. I'm serious! This dude loves his tea more than Proust loved Madelines and Monty Python loved Spam, and he just proved it by legally changing his middle name to "Yorkshire Tea."


New Mom’s Photos of Hospital Food in Japan Will Shock You — Parenting News

If anybody deserves a good meal, it's a person who just had a baby. Giving birth is an exhausting, incredibly difficult experience that in a just world would be followed immediately by congratulatory cake and ice cream. Unfortunately, many new parents are lucky to get a vending machine sandwich and a cup of water.

That's why one new mother in Japan was so shocked by the beautiful food her hospital served that she started posting photos of it online. Now the entire world wants to go have babies in Japan.


A Low-Fat Avocado Now Exists, but Who Was Asking for It? — Wellness News

Avocados are pure food magic. They're delicious and buttery and can be eaten at every single meal. They're excellent in everything from smoothies to sushi rolls. You can even pickle them! And they're full of monounsaturated fat, which is the "good fat" credited with lowering levels of bad cholesterol and reducing a person's risk of heart disease.

Now a new, low-fat avocado has been developed to improve upon what already seemed like a perfect food, but was anybody really looking for a low-fat avocado?


Mary Berry Ditched Her Dining Room for a Larger Kitchen — Food News

(Image credit: Mary Berry/Facebook)

This past weekend at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, Mary Berry of Great British Bake Off fame revealed that she has "given up" her dining room table because she prefers to eat in the kitchen. According to Independent, she explained that she only ever used her dining room table for Christmas, so she took the extra space to make a larger kitchen.

"Most of us, I think, live in the kitchen," the 82-year-old said at the literature festival. "I do. The homework of my children was done there, my husband would refit a picture in there, and so it's worth thinking about making it a special room which really works for you."


The Secret to a Better Lentil Salad — Tips from The Kitchn

For the longest time, I struggled with lentils. I used to think, Give me chickpeas, white beans, or really any kind of bean before lentils any day. I never felt they tasted like much, even after I cooked and spiced them lovingly in the kitchen.

I wanted to be the girl who ate, and enjoyed, lentil salads, but I really just couldn't get there. After many attempts I gave up, and haven't had a bag of the legumes in my pantry for years. Well, it turns out I was preparing them wrong all those times: I should have been marinating those lentils.


20 Hearty Soup Recipes for Fall Lunches & Dinners — Recipes from The Kitchn

Is soup the perfect lunch? It's a convenient make-ahead meal, and it brings a touch of home to your desk with its warm nourishment. But there's just one thing that often holds us back from bringing soup for lunch: Will it fill us up? The answer is yes, if you choose the right soup.

Here are 20 hearty soups that will warm you from the inside out — from cabbage and rice soup to chicken soup with fennel and farro. Every bite is loaded with wholesome things, and will keep you feeling full through the afternoon.


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