These 3 Popsicles Sound Weird, but They’re Actually Delicious — Weird but Cool Popsicles

The best thing about Popsicles? They're served on a stick! Sticks are fun — way more fun that spoons, forks, and even sporks! So your Popsicles should be just as much fun. None of that cherry and grape nonsense. That's why we created a trio of totally weird, but cool, Popsicles. These recipes are the Popsicle equivalent of John Cusack in basically every movie from the '80s. We wouldn't want our frozen treats any other way and we hope you agree.


You Actually Need a Spoon Rest! Here’s a Good One That’s on Sale. — Amazon Deal of the Day

When buying kitchen gear, you might be quick to relegate a spoon rest into the "grandma-ish things I don't actually need" category, but not so fast — spoon rests are actually pretty useful. They help contain the mess when you're cooking extra-saucy concoctions.

This one — on sale for $8 (nearly 50 percent off) on Amazon — takes an old-school tool and adds a bonus helper in the form of a lid holder.


This Cool Ice Cube Tray Is the Best of All Time — One Good Thing

Most New York City apartments I've seen do not come with ice machines in their freezers. (Sometimes you're lucky to even get a freezer at all!) So I have spent many hours of my adult life filling, freezing, and emptying ice cube trays — more hours than I'd care to add up, actually.

I've learned a lot along the years. I've learned that flimsier trays are best because they're easier to twist and get the ice out. But a too-flimsy tray will crack within a week. I've learned to keep a lid-less storage container in the freezer to use as an ice bin so that I can keep a constant supply of ice on hand. And I've learned that OXO makes my favorite ice cube tray.


10 Ways to Channel Chip & Joanna Gaines (for $50 or Less) — The Farmhouse Kitchen

Texas-based husband-and-wife team Chip and Joanna Gaines might be best known for their HGTV series, Fixer Upper — where they fix up decrepit old homes, always adding their signature farmhouse style — but among other projects they also own Magnolia Market, a store that sells wares that perfectly embody the couple's design aesthetic.

While we typically prefer our old, farmhouse-y finds to actually be old (and not faux old), we usually make exceptions for dining and entertaining stuff. And these items from Magnolia Market are all worth a second glance.


10 of Our Favorite One-Pot Pastas for Summer — Recipes from The Kitchn

Pasta is easily one of my most favorite meals, and I have no shame in admitting it's on weekly rotation in my household — all year long. I stock my pantry with noodles of all shapes and sizes, ready to be grabbed and transformed into a simple dinner with the addition of a green salad and perhaps a glass of wine.

Come summer, pasta night still prevails, but to honor the laziness of the season, my pastas become lazier. I'm talking about one-pot or single-skillet pasta dinners. It's hard to argue with their ease of prep and cleanup. Whether I'm craving something light and fresh, with loads of farmers market veggies, or something a touch more homey and comforting, these 10 recipes have my back all summer long.


The Best Kitchen Finds in IKEA’s 2018 Catalog for $25 or Less — IKEA Shopping Guide

Good morning! While you guys were sleeping, we spent some time cozied up with IKEA's new 2018 catalog, which doesn't officially come out until August 2. There's all sorts of fun stuff in it (including a collaboration between IKEA and the Danish design brand HAY and a bar stool made to match the RÅSKOG cart). Of course, there's lots of budget-friendly kitchen gear, too. Here are our favorites.


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