Essential Weeknight Recipes: Two Soups My Kid Will (Almost) Always Eat

2012_02_07-kidsoup.jpgThat's not my kid. Mine is younger and not nearly as tidy with a spoon. But (for now) she loves anything labeled soup, which is great, because soup? It's easy, it makes a lot of leftovers, and it's a great way to shovel in vegetables without tricking her into eating them. Here are two favorites. More


How To Bake a Potato in the Oven — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

The perfect baked potato is crispy on the outside and pillowy in the middle. Cracked open and still steaming, it's ready to receive anything from a sprinkle of cheese to last night's stew. Here's how to make one.


Dinner Party Reminder: Put a Pitcher of Water on the Table — Dinner Party Tips from The Kitchn

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Whether you're throwing Thanksgiving dinner this week, or just looking forward to cozy parties this winter, take a tip from us: Don't forget the water! So simple, and yet we rarely take the time to do it. We make sure the wine bottle is on the table, for goodness sake, but a pretty carafe of ice water? Hardly ever.


10 Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables Every Day — Reader Intelligence Report

The love of vegetables can be deceptive. Even though I adore Brussels sprouts and kale, I recently realized with a jolt of surprise that I don't eat nearly the amount of vegetables this love affair would suggest. Something didn't add up. To help me (and you) out, here are the top 10 tips from our readers on packing more vegetables into real-life meals and cooking.


Smörgåstårta: 15 Savory Sandwich Cakes

Smoked fish, tender seafood, fresh veggies, creamy binders and soft fresh baked bread; Layer it all together and what do you have? Smörgåstårta. It's a Swedish staple that's perfect for parties, brunches, and those days where your family never seems to eat at the same time. Plus, come on — it's a cake made of sandwich! You know you want it! More


Martin Luther King Jr. Day: A Day of Service & Hospitality

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Today is Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, and a holiday for many of us, one where we remember and celebrate Dr. King's legacy through service to others. We're taking the day off but read on for one of our favorite quotes about Dr. King...


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