Cook Japanese Food at Home: 15 Favorite Dishes, from Okonomiyaki to Sukiyaki — Kitchn Recipe Roundup

We're focusing on Asian cooking this week, and rounding up a few favorite recipes in the process. Yesterday we shared 15 Korean dishes, and today we're turning to Japanese food. Want to make your own spicy tuna, braise pork belly, or cook Matsutake Dobin Mushi (a nourishing mushroom soup)? If Japanese cooking is something you've always wanted to try, these 15 recipes will give you a good head start. More


Recipe: Simple Salmon Teriyaki — Recipes From The Kitchn

2012_08_09-SalmonTeriyaki01.jpgWhen I moved to Japan in 2005, I was surprised to discover how utterly simple the food was. The sticky, salty sauces and over-the-top sushi rolls I knew from Japanese restaurants back home were as American as hamburgers and French fries, I realized. Japanese food, and especially Japanese home cooking, was actually subtle, nuanced and basically simple, creating a myriad of dishes with a handful of basic pantry staples and the freshest, tastiest produce and proteins available. This salmon teriyaki is a perfect example — lightly glazed and deeply flavorful, it's made with just four ingredients. More


Homemade S’mores Bars & The Amazing Incredible Broccoli Surprise Sauce — Delicious Links

2012_08_09-Links.jpgPlus, crispy cauliflower (Gobhi Manchurian) and a Chinese cucumber salad. More


Why Low-Fat Cheese Tastes Like An Eraser — The New York Times


Oh, cheese. If I have any say in the matter, cheese will be a significant part of my last meal. The fattier, the saltier, the better. But not everyone agrees. In fact, in the last few years the cheese industry has been under enormous pressure to produce low-fat, less-salty products that appeal to consumers. Unfortunately, they haven't been that successful, and here's why: when you take the fat out, you essentially turn cheese into an eraser... More


Sriracha In My Beer? Yes, Please: The Cocky Rooster — Recipes from The Kitchn

2012_08_09-CockyRooster01.jpgMix icy cold beer with spicy Sriracha, fresh lime juice and a couple dashes of Maggi sauce and what do you have? A refreshing, terrifically savory beer cocktail with a lingering heat that has become my new favorite summer drink. Meet the Cocky Rooster. More


Help Me Cook an Amazing 3-Course Meal While on Vacation — Good Questions

2012_08_07-DinnerTable.jpgQ: My brother-inlaw is getting married, and seven family members have rented a cottage so we can spend a few days together after the wedding. I'd like to cook a fantastic 3-course meal for everyone one evening, but the kitchen equipment provided will be minimal. More


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