5 Ways to Eat Chard Stems

2012_10_01-chardstems.jpgYoung and tender chard stems require little extra thought, but when the stalks turn thick, and perhaps stringy, it's usually best to trim them from the leaves. That doesn't mean you should toss them in the compost or garbage bin, though. Treat them as another vegetable and you have an ingredient for pickles, gratins, and more. More


Wine Words: Disgorgement

2012-10-1-winewords.jpgDisgorgement is a wine word that pertains to Champagne and sparkling wines. Have you ever seen a notice on the back label of some bottles of Champagne saying "disgorged on X date"? Do you know what this means? And why do some bottles carry the notice while other do not? More


How Much Time Do You Usually Have To Get Dinner on the Table?

093012-dinnertime.jpg Growing up my mother used to say that if dinner didn't come together in less than 30 minutes it wasn't happening. Lately I've been feeling like I have even less time, so I'm curious: how much time do you actually have to pull together a meal for your family? More


3 Veggie Choppers For Quick & Easy Prep — Product Roundup

If you find prepping vegetables for cooking to be a bit of a drag, then a vegetable chopper is the gadget for you. No more slicing, dicing, or chopping by hand. Just pull or push (depending on the model) and it's all done for you. Here are 3 popular models to try: More


What’s Your Favorite Autumn Vegetable? — Seasonal Cooking

Fall is here, and the markets are overflowing with great vegetables. I anticipate this season more than any other — I really look forward to my first roasted butternut squash, and that first batch of tiny tender Brussels sprouts (especially when they're braised in creamYUM!). What about you? What fall vegetables do you look forward to the most all summer long? Late-season eggplant? Frost-tipped kale? Creamy squash? Big heads of cabbage? And what's your favorite way to cook your booty — are there recipes you save for October? More


Recipe: Balsamic-Glazed Pearl Onions — Recipes from The Kitchn

2012_10_1-BalsamicOnions-1ED.jpgIt's funny how precisely the weather seems to adhere to the calendar year; the first day of fall immediately brought vibrant leaves and cooler breezes to Georgia. My appetite also succumbs to these changes and my urge for comfort food grows strong—out with vine-ripe tomatoes and grilled summer corn, bring on the hearty braises and savory stews. More


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