You Have to See This Pretty, Peachy Pink Kitchen — Peachy Keen

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Peach! It's practically the color of summer, right? Whether you're searing them on the grill or freezing them into a rich peach pie ice cream, juicy peaches likely have a constant presence in your kitchen from June to August. But if you've never thought about painting your kitchen walls in the kind-of-pink, kind-of-orange shade, this Barcelona kitchen, from Cargo Collective, might inspire you to change that.


From Classy to Trashy, a Ranking of the Best Peach Things — Peachy Keen

All month long on Kitchn we've been talking about the delicious ways to eat a peach. Some peaches are better for different occasions, as Assistant Food Editor Kelli Foster notes in her post about the best peaches to buy for the right moment. We've also given you various recipes, including this gluten-free crisp and this almond peach pit milk (!!!) that you need to make in the next month if you know what's good for you. It's mostly been a practical guide for the peach-lover in all of us.

Well, now that we've given you some non-judgmental options, it's time to lay down some cold hard facts about how peaches sit in our cultural zeitgeist. If you want something delicious and classy, there are only a few peaches that fit the bill, and you need to know about them. We've ranked all the various ways to eat a peach for you in our very scientific matrix that definitely wasn't just some arbitrary thing that I decided to work on. Read this and go forth knowing exactly what you should make and eat this summer.


Stop Struggling with Your Aluminum Foil! — Amazon Deal of the Day

The minimalist in you will see this ChicWrap Foil Dispenser and think, "This is definitely something I do not need," but hear us out!

This dispenser has a precision slicer inside the box that allows you to simply slide a button across the foil for a clean cut. No more nicking your knuckles on those razor-sharp exposed serrated teeth as you clumsily grab for foil. (Seriously what were those box designers thinking?) Plus, the cute cooking-themed pattern is way better than a boring Reynolds Wrap box, which means you can keep it within arm's reach on your counter rather than relegating it to one of your cabinets.


How I Turn a Trip to the Farmers Market into Dinner — Farmers Market

I love visiting our weekly farmers market every week from April to October, buying whatever is in season, looks good, or what I might need for my weekly meal plan. Often I head to the market without a list and just base dinners on what I find, but the ultimate goal of farmers market shopping is an epic Saturday night feast. Here is how I fix a farmers market supper.


5 Things to Know About Cleaning Your Freezer’s Built-in Ice Maker — Freezer Intelligence

There's nothing better on a hot summer day than filling a tall glass totally full of ice cubes, then splashing a little something on top — be it water, LaCroix, or something stronger — for a super-chilly refreshment. But if that ice has an odor, or leaves little scaly bits in your beverage? That certainly ruins the moment.

Especially in areas with hard water, minerals can stick to your appliance's ice cube molds during the freezing cycle, eventually forming hard, scaly deposits in the ice maker. Eventually, those deposits can break down the nonstick coating in the ice molds and hurt ice production. And if you store something stinky in the freezer, the ice can absorb the smell — and even after the smell is gone, any old ice can contaminate the new ice, making stinky batch after stinky batch.

So you've gotta clean your ice maker. Don't worry — it's not that hard. Here's what you need to know about the chore.


Recipe: Farmers Market Pasta Dinner — Farmers Market Suppers

(Image credit: Guy Ambrosino)

The minute you get home from the farmers market, get a pot of boiling water going because tonight's dinner is going to feature whatever's in your farmers market haul. Start with your of-the-moment veggies and fragrant herbs, dress them up in a buttery white wine sauce and grated Parm, and set the table because dinner is pretty much ready. You're going to want to keep this veggie-filled pasta template in your back pocket all summer long because it's one of our favorite quick and reliable solutions for turning a trip to the farmers market into dinner.


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