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7-Eleven Is Totally Different Outside the U.S. — Summer Vacations for Food-Lovers

In the United States, 7-Elevens are packed with chemical-laden snack food designed with shelf lives, not human lives, in mind. These convenience stores are last-resort pit stops, stocked with old, wrinkled hot dogs rotating in perpetuity inside plastic containers.

But, as I recently discovered, this is not the case in other parts of the world. The truth: Elsewhere, 7-Eleven is actually kind of awesome.


Why You Should Travel With Prunes (You Kind of Know Already) — Travel Intelligence

Even if you've never tried a prune, you know of their reputation. Grandparents keep prune juice in the fridge to keep them, er, regular. Younger backed-up relatives (read: your baby-boomer parents) may indulge in the dried plums to help them relieve themselves. And prunes can be useful for another crowd: constipated travelers.


5 Weird Foods That Taste Better than They Sound — Travel Bites

The world is filled with incredible culinary delights; you've probably seen about 10,000 of them thanks to Instagram. While Roman pasta and Japanese sushi may get the most airplay, there are plenty of other international dishes worth trying — even if they look strange on paper (or don't pop up on your feed).

I'm constantly scrolling through the good, the bad, and the ugly posts on social media hunting for local eats whenever I'm on the road. If a country has a weird delicacy, I'm always down to try it, not only for the story, but also because it often turns out to taste amazing! You learn quickly that sometimes it's better to go against your gut and with the unconventional order.

Forget eating for the 'gram — here are five delicacies that are more delicious than they sound.


The German Sparkling Wine You Don’t Know About (but Should) — Travel Bites

On a recent trip to Germany to visit my sister-in-law and her family, we drank our fill of light, crisp, fruity, floral goodness. No, it wasn't beer; it was sparkling wine. Known as Sekt, German sparkling wine often rivals Champagne in taste tests — but if you haven't heard of it, you're not alone.


Vacation Rentals We Love: A Bold Blue Philadelphia Kitchen — Summer Vacation for Food-Lovers

Vacation Rental: Lokal Hotel, Philadelphia, PA
Sleeps: There are six apartment-style rooms, 3 one-bedrooms and 3 two-bedrooms
Price: Rates start at $195
Why We Wanna Cook Here: We're definitely feeling the bold blue look here.

In the great debate of hotels vs. vacation rentals, I admit that I am torn. And not because I don't have strong opinions — I do! I love both so much! Don't make me pick just one!


A Food-Lover’s Guide to Rome — Summer Vacations for Food-Lovers

A few weeks ago I wrote about taking my toddler to a restaurant helmed by a Michelin-starred chef. His first bite of pizza! In Rome! With a fancy-pants chef! (I got a little emotional.) I loved reading your comments and wanted to respond to your requests for more picks for the city known as Caput Mundi, or Capital of the World.

Rome has had more than 3,000 years to perfect its national treasure-level food culture, and the city's cuisine is now gloriously set in its delicioso ways. You'll find both new and 200-year-old kitchens serving iconic dishes such as cacio e pepe, limone gelato, and pizza bianca (more on these below).


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