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The Best Restaurant in New York May Be on Long Island — Strong Opinions

According to the annual World's 50 Best Restaurants List, the best restaurant in the world is in New York: It's Eleven Madison Park and, if you're lucky enough to have $295 for dinner — per person, gratuity included, wine pairings not included — I'm pretty sure you would be in for the meal of your life. If, however, you do not have a collective grand to spend for a lavish tasting menu for two, with wine pairings, I have an alternate contender to propose.


What Millennials and Europeans Have in Common — Travel Intelligence

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Americans aren't good at vacations. Isn't that what all the reports say? We can't put our phones away, we check our work email and take work calls from the beach, and that's if we even take our vacation days to begin with. According to career site, the average U.S. employee only takes 54 percent of their vacation days. In other words, we're all leaving half our PTO on the table.

Well, maybe not all of us. Millennials are apparently taking vacations — and really long ones at that.


The 15-Minute Seattle Field Trip All Food-Lovers Should Take — Bite-Sized Guide: Seattle

I live on a rural island, a 15-minute ferry ride west of Seattle. Even people who have lived in this area for decades might never have ventured to Vashon. It seems far away and dreamy, a small town set in green forests and rocky beaches. We have a fair number of people living in yurts here, along with two avant-garde mixed-media performance troupes, a store downtown dedicated solely to origami creations, more llama farms than anyone can count, and a coffee roaster-cum-natural foods store that also sells herbal remedies and local ice cream.


The Best Ice Cream in California: A Road Trip — Road Trips for Food-Lovers

A road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway is nearly as American as driving cross-country on Route 66. However, if your interests are culinarily minded (and let's be specific here — we're talking about folks who really, really love ice cream), we suggest you head north from San Francisco instead of south.

From the urban cool of the Bay Area to the northern California coast, with a detour into the wine-soaked wonderland of Sonoma County, this journey encompasses the very best frozen treats that the Golden State has to offer.


A Food-Lover’s Guide to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport — Travel Intelligence

Airport food is tough. You're often lucky to pick up an overpriced, pre-packaged salad or sandwich. The same goes for food souvenirs. They're usually the most appreciated by friends at home, but when it comes to convenience, they're not ideal — edibles are often hard to pack and even harder to get through security.

But because Seattleites are fond of their food, the main terminal at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has an abundance of great choices if you want last-minute treats for your loved ones. And, well, if you're hungry.


The Surprising Thing You Can Bring Through Airport Security — Travel Intelligence

Earlier this year, the TSA released an updated list of foods that you can and can't bring through airport security. Of course we all know that solid foods are okay, while anything that's a liquid or gel needs to be 3.4 ounces or less. Anything bigger and it'll have to go in your checked bag — or the garbage.


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