Essential Detroit: 15 Places Everyone Should Eat in the Motor City — Fall Weekend Trips

Sometimes food is about artisan ingredients, beautiful plating, and a chef's brilliance; sometimes food is about soul-soothing nourishment. That's not to say it can't be both, but the latter is one of the reasons I fell in love with an unlikely Midwestern city. In fact, I fell so hard I bought a big, old house that had plenty of soul, but needed a lot of TLC.


10 European Etiquette Rules You Should Know — Travel Intelligence

No matter how well-mannered we may be back home, Europe can be a minefield of faux pas just waiting to happen. I've made my fair share, to be sure. For the life of me I still can't get that cheek kiss thing right — how many, and which side was it first?

Here are some tips to keep in mind from someone who's learned the hard way, plus a few friends who either live in or travel frequently to Europe.


7 Things Smart Cruisers Always Do — Cruises for Food-Lovers

If you've been on a cruise, you've probably spotted the savvy cruisers from a nautical mile away. They're the ones clinking Champagne at a sunset-view bar that you only discovered on the last night, or chatting with their onboard friends via walkie-talkies.

But you don't need to be a seasoned ship-goer (or follow one around) to make the most of your cruise experience. Just follow these cruising dos (plus one don't!) and you're guaranteed to have a bon voyage.


October Is the Best Time to Go to Europe. Here’s Why. — Europe on a Bite-Sized Budget

If you're pining for Paris in the spring or Santorini over summer break, you may want to put a pause on requesting time off. While sun-soaked days abroad are tempting, there is nothing quite like Europe in the fall. From Indian summer along the Mediterranean to crisp mornings and foliage in the Alps, October is a true gem of the entire year.


A Food-Lover’s Guide to Quebec City — Fall Weekend Trips

With a European small-town feel and menus peppered with French-Canadian classics like meat pie and poutine in their finest forms, Quebec City is a bit like Provence on a derailed diet. Spending a weekend here will fill you up on great food, litter your Instagram with enviable photos, and leave your hands just a little bit sticky with maple syrup.


My Number-One Rule for Navigating the Cruise Buffet — Cruises for Food-Lovers

Going on a cruise is kind of like reliving your freshman year of college. It's new! It's exciting! There's so much to eat and drink (and no one to tell you you can't have ice cream three times a day). Cruise buffets don't just offer a few desserts — there are usually 50 decadent sweets calling your name. The same goes for baked goods: Instead of five types of bread, you'll find 25 freshly baked loaves begging to be buttered. And then there are the proteins, piled nearly as high as the ship's funnel.

It's vacation, after all — and I'm not here to play the parental role or deny you the right to treat yo self — but having failed at my first cruise eating experience (both health- and strategy-wise), I know that too much of a good thing can mean a week of discomfort masked by stretchy pants and caftans.

With multiple sailings on several cruise lines under my belt, I now feel like I've mastered the art of the shipboard smorgasbord. Here's my number-one rule for navigating the cruise buffet, plus a few more tips for eating well on a cruise ship.


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