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I Made My Own Wedding Favors and Here’s What I Would Have Done Differently — Homemade Weddings

When my now-husband, Lucien, and I started planning our wedding we didn't initially set out to include any favors at all. They just seemed like an added expense that didn't feel totally necessary to us.

Then we stumbled upon the idea of leaving our guests with a homemade sweet treat to remember our special day. It felt so perfect and we were too excited about the idea to resist. With that, I ordered some cute treat bags on Etsy and set out to make about 200 rosemary shortbread cookies.

Buy the same bags: Wedding Favor Bags, from $30 for 20 at Mavora

There was flour, sweat, and tears, and while I'd bake my own favors again in a heartbeat, there are a few sanity-saving things I'd definitely do differently.


6 Ways to Make Your Patio More Pet-Friendly — Patio Perfection

A lot of time and energy goes into dreaming up the perfect backyard or patio space to enjoy throughout the summer. Whether your idea of bliss involves a full outdoor kitchen or a tiny patch of grass with a cafe table, there's one member of your family whose preferences you might not be considering: your fur baby.

Here's how to make sure Professor Pickles has just as lavish a summer as you.


5 Things to Know About Ants in the Kitchen — 5 Things to Know

Until recently, I'd had good luck with ants in the kitchen. (Or rather, without ants in the kitchen!) I'd see maybe a few here or there, but we never had an ant problem. Then, literally the day after interviewing our experts for this story, I walked into my kitchen to discover a horde of them marching across my countertop. Ahhh!

Fortunately, I'm not alone. "Ants are the most commonly reported pest in the country," says Dr. Michael Bentley, staff entomologist for the National Pest Management Association. If you encounter one (or many!), here's what you should know.


A Total Beginner’s Guide to Grilling with Gas — Tips from The Kitchn

If you've got a brand-new (or a new-to-you) gas grill in your life and you're ready to heat things up this summer, we're here to help. While this guide is designed for novice grillers, there's plenty of information for the seasoned grill master. We've included everything from turning your new grill on — yeah, it's a little obvious, but we've got some stuff to say! — to zone cooking. And then there's our list of the essential recipes that every grill cook should know.

Let's get grilling!


The Easiest (Annual) Herb You Can Grow Indoors — Simple Gardens

You know all those grow-your-own basil kits sold online and in novelty stores? I do not understand them! For starters, they almost never work (or they do ... until they don't). And secondly, they're just totally unnecessary. Basil is actually not hard to grow, and you'll have a lot more success if you just do it sans kit.

Here's what you need to know about growing basil in your kitchen without a kit. Armed with this info, you won't ever have to buy one of those overpriced packs of basil at the grocery store ever again.


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking for Ramadan — An American Ramadan

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

If you're an old pro at preparing iftar or this is the first time you're making it on your own, there are a few considerations that will make cooking during Ramadan smoother. Many of these tips are ones that will help you out after the Holy Month is over, because good kitchen craft stays with you no matter the season. So from advice on when to do your grocery shopping to some thoughts on the amount of food to prepare, here are a few common mistakes to avoid this year when cooking for Ramadan.


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