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3 Ways to Make Sure Painted Kitchen Cabinets Hold Up, According to Bloggers Who Know — Paint Project

If you're going to go through all the effort to paint your kitchen cabinets (it is not exactly a quick or easy project!), you want to make sure it's going to last. You don't want to go through all that effort, only to have the paint start chipping off a few months later. To make sure that doesn't happen, we talked to three bloggers who painted their kitchens a while ago. Here's the one thing they each did, which they credit to keeping their cabinets looking brand new.


Don’t Skip This Step for Super-Tender Slow Cooker Chicken — Tips from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

Cooking a whole chicken in the slow cooker almost feels too good to be true. It produces a chicken so moist and tender that the meat practically falls off the bone. It requires just one ingredient and only a couple minutes of prep work. It's so simple that it feels like there should be a catch.

No, there's no catch — it's really that good — but there is one very important thing you need to do before putting the bird into the slow cooker.


The Best Way to Find a Recycling Center Near You — Recycling

Recycling is complicated in the United States. While it's generally governed by the Environmental Protection Agency, there is no national agency that manages the day-to-day recycling for every town in the country. That responsibility is actually handled by a mix of local government agencies and private companies, depending on where you live.

For your own personal recycling purposes, that means two things: That exactly what you can recycle will vary quite a bit, and then how you recycle it can vary greatly, too.

Some counties have frequent curbside recycling, while others only do it occasionally — or not at all. Some places need you to hyper-sort your recyclables into bins, while others encourage you to mix them all up.

How do you know what's best based on where you live? Keep reading.


3 Ways to Pick the Best Pumpkins for Roasting Seeds — Shopping

Pumpkins are good for all sorts of things (carving, painting, turning into pies). If you ask us, though, the seeds are the main attraction. Whether you coat them with savory spices or go with something sweet, roasted pumpkin seeds are just so perfectly "fall." Plus, they are a great alternative to sugary Halloween candy, and just as festive.

So how do you pick a pumpkin that's guaranteed to have plenty of seeds? We consulted some pumpkin professionals to get the inside scoop.


This Brilliant Hack Fixes the Only Problem of Owning a Stand Mixer — Organizing Tips from Kitchn

A lot of small appliances are ugly and need to be hidden away in a cabinet. But if you are among the lucky ones who have a beautiful KitchenAid stand mixer, you know that baby's meant for display! The color! The sculptural feel! Plus, if you keep it out, you're just that much more likely to start spontaneously baking cupcakes, right?

While the stand mixer is great-looking, the long electrical cord, however, is not. You don't want to leave the machine plugged in all the time (boo, vampire power!) and you don't want the cord all piled up at the base of the mixer, either. What to do about this?

Steal this idea, which we found over at Dreaming in DIY. All you need is a pack of Command Cord Bundlers.


Here’s What to Eat to Recover from Food Poisoning — Healthy Living

After several days of severe food poisoning, you finally have the will to eat again. And while it may be tough to get excited about food, it's important to nourish the body with something.

So, what should you eat while recovering from food poisoning?


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