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7 Things I Never Do When Making Dinner in the Slow Cooker — Kitchn Slow Cooker

Use any cooking method long enough and you're certain to develop some useful habits. Such is the case with pulling out my slow cooker on a very regular basis for weeknight dinners. There have been successes and failures, both of which have taught me helpful tips along the way and, more importantly, what not to do when using the slow cooker to make dinner.


10 of Our Best Tips for Easy Summer Entertaining — Summer Entertaining

The summer is the easiest time of year to entertain. The hardest part is finding a date when all your friends and loved ones are free to come over. Once that's done, though, the rest is smooth sailing. You can keep the menu super simple (or, as we recommend later in this story, make it a potluck) and set up a place for people to sit outside. That's it! Easy, right?

Here are a few of our smartest tips to help make your life even easier — and to make this summer's annual backyard cookout the best ever.


5 Things the French Taught Us About Cooking and Eating — Bastille Day

If you've ever been lucky enough to take a trip to France or even if you've just popped into a local French bakery in your neighborhood, you know that the French eat incredibly well. So if there is ever a culture we'd like to learn from in terms of how to cook and eat, it's the French. Here are just five of many things they've taught us about the pleasures of cooking and eating.


Our Smartest, Most Delicious Advice for Traveling with Kids — Family Vacation

Traveling with my two kids is one of my favorite luxuries. I love seeing my favorite cities through fresh eyes and experiencing the salty joy of ocean waves in their laughter. But I'd be kidding myself to say that traveling with kids is easy. It is not always, so I'm grateful for the advice of seasoned parents, savvy traveling friends, and our wise readers.

We polled our talented team of editors, contributors, and lovely readers for ways to make family vacation better, easier, and, of course, more delicious. From smart packing strategies to the best alternative to a babysitter while you travel, here is our best advice for traveling with your kids this summer.


All the Things You Can Do (and Clean!) with Lemons — Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn

You may or may not have noticed a lot of lemon-related stories on the site lately. The thing about lemons is that they make for excellent cleaning tools. They're loaded with citric acid, which can eliminate stains or combine with alkaline compounds to create a powerful chemical reaction.

Get a quick science lesson: What Makes Lemons Such Good Cleaners?

Whether it's cleaning with them, buying lemon-scented products, or just eating them, we love us some lemons. Keep reading to check out some of the many ways you can use lemons at home.


Our Best Tips for Baking with Frozen Puff Pastry — Tips from The Kitchn

A box of frozen puff pastry is something of a miracle ingredient. If you've ever baked with it, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It puffs into delicate, buttery layers, turning even the most basic recipe into something that feels totally fancy.

It's also super easy to use — all you need to do is pull the box out of the freezer and pop the dough in the oven, right? Well, not quite, although we promise it's almost that simple. Just remember these tips and you'll be on your way to light and flaky breakfast turnovers, bite-sized apps, and savory tarts.


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