Amazon’s Dash Wand Is Free, Fast, and Could Be Perfect — Shopping News

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know about Amazon's Dash buttons — those little clicking buttons that automatically reorder paper towels, cleaning products, or any number of items. Reviews for the original buttons were decidedly mixed, but Amazon's newest button iteration is a little more magical.

Maybe that's why they're calling this one a wand.


Could This Robotic Arm Be the Future of Lattes? — Food News

If part of the reason you love getting your morning latte is flirting with the cute barista, your life could be getting a little more boring, thanks to Gordon, the robot barista arm of the future, reports Cnet.


New App Tells You If Your “Made in Italy” Product Is Actually from Italy — Food News

You might think you picked up Italian olive oil at the grocery store, but there's a chance it might be from another country. Unless you're an expert sleuth in label reading, it usually requires some research to understand what you're actually getting — until now, that is.

Enter Reliabitaly, a smartphone app created by a nonprofit organization of the same name that's targeting brands that claim to be "made in Italy" but are really anything but.


7 Texts That Are Better with an Avocado Emoji — On Trend

(Image credit: Apple)

This week the world was blessed with a slew of new food emojis in the new iOS update for the iPhone, including an avocado emoji. The avocado emoji might just be the best emoji to happen since the eggplant emoji. 2016 was hard, but this avocado emoji might make things a little bit better. I'm only half of kidding about this.

Can't figure out how to incorporate the new avocado emoji into everyday texts? Let me show you how it can make every text just a little more special.


These Are the Most-Googled Recipes of 2016 — On Trend

There are many ways to find a recipe, but a quick Google search might be the easiest and cheapest option. What are the go-to recipes that you search for? How do they relate to the rest of the country? Today Google released their "Google's Year in Search," which includes the top-searched recipes for 2016. Have you made one of these recipes this year?


This Oven Claims to Be the “Keurig for Cookies” and We Are Doomed — Food News

(Image credit: CHiP)

Cookies are not hard to make. Sure, there are recipes that call for special ingredients, or ask you to brown butter in advance, but most recipes require nothing more than the simple stuff you probably already have in your pantry. And if you're feeling extra lazy, there's always the frozen cookie dough sleeves that require almost zero effort (using a knife to cut into the dough counts, right?)

Yet somehow, here we are. A new Kickstarter campaign from SideChef is basically advertising itself as the "Keurig of Cookies." CHiP is basically a mini oven that will make you perfectly baked cookies in 10 minutes. The dough for the cookies comes in a pod, kind of like the pods you find for a Keurig. The CHiP requires no preheating and basically no cleanup.

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