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The Cutest, Most Creative Watermelon Crafts on Pinterest — Watermelon Day

Watermelon is basically the unofficial mascot of the summer. It pops up in drinks, during picnics, at the pool (just look at this watermelon beach towel!), in the living room (don't pretend like you don't have a watermelon pillow on your couch!), and more.

The fruit is also all over Pinterest, featured in tons of oh-so-cute DIY craft ideas. Here are some of the best ideas out there — and how to make them during your next crafternoon.


3 Ways Plastic Bread Tags Can Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Organized — Organizing Tips from The Kitchn

In case you've been looking for a reason to eat more carbs, this is a direct order from us: Stock up on some bread today! Why? The plastic tags used to keep the baggies closed will be useful long after you've eaten that last slice of seedless rye.

Just check out these alternative uses for bread tags.


5 Ways to Use Brown Bags Beyond Packing Lunches — Lunch Box Bootcamp

Raise your hand if you have a lunch box or a tote that you use for packing lunches (either for you or your kids). We thought so. Yet you still probably have a pack of brown paper bags in your kitchen, right? You should! These things are pretty handy. Not only can use them to make your own puppets on a rainy day, but you can also use them for a slew of other things in the kitchen and around the house.

Here are five of our favorite non-lunch-related uses for brown paper bags.


Look at the Prettiest Drawers to Ever Exist in a Kitchen! — Kitchen Design

We're big fans of drawers — instead of lower cabinets — in the kitchen. They often result in more storage space, and they make it easy to see all the contents. (And they're just an unexpected thing to find, as most kitchens have one drawer and then a cabinet — not a row of drawers.)

So you can imagine how excited we got when we saw this kitchen, belonging to Anya Kassoff, the blogger behind Golubka Kitchen. Just look at those drawers! For starters, they're drawers! They're also made out of vintage fruit crates, making them the perfect place to store all sorts of farmers market finds.


These Honey Roasted Tomatoes Will Blow Your Mind — Delicious Links

(Image credit: The Almond Eater)

I love when a simple addition completely transforms a dish. Take this roasted tomato appetizer, for instance. Just a drizzle of honey (yes, honey!) is all you need to turn up the volume on an otherwise standard appetizer.


Recipe: Tomato Water Pops — Easy Dessert Recipes

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Let me introduce you to your new summer BFF: tomato water pops. These blush beauties are a savory snack on a stick that will make you a hero at every backyard BBQ between now and September, or even just your own personal hero at midnight on a hot August night. These pops are packed full of tomato flavor and studded with fresh basil, making them a fast and fancy appetizer option for serving a crowd. Here's how to make these tomato Popsicles this summer.


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