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The One Time Open Shelving Is a Terrible Idea — Shelf Help

Do I like the look of open shelving? Check. Am I organized enough to rock it? Check. Do I think it adds an extra layer of design and personalization to any kitchen? Check. Would I recommend it to my own design clients? Check, check, check.

Will I be ditching my cabinets for a fresh new open shelving look? Negative.


12 of the Most Brilliant Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens — Organizing Tips from Kitchen

In a teeny-tiny kitchen, you've got to be smart when it comes to storage in order to find room for all of the tools you need to make dinner. Fortunately, there are people out there coming up with hacks and solutions to help us out. Here are a few brilliant storage ideas for small kitchen that you might not have seen before.


I Installed IKEA’s Mini-Sink — Here’s What I Learned — Small-Space Living

When my husband and I decided to renovate the third floor of our 1890 home in Louisville, Kentucky, we started from scratch. Yes, there was an old sink up there, but there was also some very gross wallpaper — and we didn't keep either.

I was determined to outfit the space (an eventual full-time Airbnb) with interesting finds from architectural salvage shops, flea markets, and auctions. But for everything there is a place, and IKEA has its place in this kitchen under the eaves.

Well, to be fair, perhaps we should call it a kitchenette.


5 Organizing Tips to Steal from People Who Live on Boats — #SummerOrganizingGoals

Having a home by the water is a total life goal. Having a home on the water, well, that's even better! Super-cool houseboats can be found docked in calm waters everywhere from Seattle to Cape Cod, and they pack an inspiring design punch. Of course, they're not without their challenges. Because they're typically on the smaller side, homeowners (homeboatowners?) need to max out every available inch in their kitchens to make them pretty and functional. The most well-thought-out kitchens have plenty of ideas you could steal for your own kitchen — even if it's just in a regular house, far away from water.


5 Super-Smart Storage Ideas to Steal from One Kitchen — Organizing

When blogger Joni Lay set out to remodel the kitchen in her Georgia bungalow, she knew she had to max out every possible inch in order to make it functional for her young family of five. The catch? At around 1600 square feet, her home didn't boast many options for a cabinet-packed layout.

However, thanks to some clever space-making tricks (which you're totally going to want to steal), the family ended up with a room that is as practical as it is pretty.

Keep reading to check out all the smart storage ideas.


See KitchenAid’s New Mixer Colors (Plus One More Suprise!) — International Home & Housewares Show 2017

As if picking a KitchenAid stand mixer isn't hard enough (there are more than 86 colors to choose from!), the company just announced four new color options at the International Home + Housewares Show. You know, just to complicate things!


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