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Smart Tip: Use an Ironing Board For Extra Counter Space When You Need It

While prepping for a dinner party or tackling a big baking project, how many times have you wished for just a couple more feet of counter space? The winner of Food52's best kitchen hacks contest has an ingenious tip for temporarily adding counter space with the help of an ironing board. More


A Smart Dining Solution for Tiny Kitchens: A Pull-Out Tabletop Hidden in the Cabinets! — Small Kitchen Inspiration


So, you have a tiny kitchen with nary an extra foot for a standard dining table. Take a cue from this Swedish kitchen and build in a pull-out table extension. Add legs (more on that below) and you've got yourself a sweet table for two! More


What’s Better for a Small Kitchen — a Blender or a Food Processor? — Good Questions

2012_07_09-StuffGQ.jpgQ: I have a VERY small kitchen, so I'm limited on space to store kitchen appliances and dishes. I would love to have a blender and a food processor, but really only have room for one. Is there any product that does both well? If I can get a 2-for-1 blender or processor, that'd be a great solution!

Sent by Lucy More


Smart Solutions: Under-Cabinet Lighting Best Products for Small Kitchens

If there's one thing you should have in your small kitchen (well, besides this and this), it's under-cabinet lighting. Small kitchens are a challenge to begin with, but especially when they have poor lighting. A few under-cabinet lights can go a long way towards making your cramped kitchen feel a little more cozy, not to mention way more functional and workable! More


5 Essential (and Renter-Friendly) Storage Products for Small Kitchens

If you cook in a small kitchen, you know that keeping things organized and accessible is absolutely essential. If you've conquered the small kitchen conundrums, we applaud you! But we know many of you still struggle with finding cheap, easy-to-implement ways to maximize your space constraints and reduce your stress levels. Well, these five products are the place to start - and they're completely DIY and renter-friendly! More


Small, Cool Kitchens 2012 Is Almost Here! 10 Favorite Entries from Contests Past

It's almost heeeere! Our annual Small, Cool Kitchens contest launches later today (look for it soon on the site), so in celebration we went through past years' contests and pulled a few favorites. Do you remember Kathleen's totally serene rental kitchen? Or Megumi's metal file cabinets that she repurposed as kitchen cabinets? Check 'em all out above, and be inspired. There's no kitchen too small for style, functionality, and some serious cooking. More


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