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8 Things Smart, Friendly Cooks Do in Small Kitchens — Small-Space Kitchens

Want to be a good friend and have someone over for dinner — but dread trying to cook for more than you and your cat in a tiny kitchen? Don't be scared! Teeny-tiny kitchens are cozy, friendly, and can do anything a larger kitchen can do!

Just in case you need a little refresher, though, here are a few ways smart cooks handle cooking for more than one or two in a really small space.


3 Smart Storage Ideas to Steal from a Cross-Country Camper — Small Space Kitchens

(Image credit: Hayley Lawrence)

I've lived in some small New York City apartments, but Jordan and Brittany Griggs have me beat with their 276-square-foot camper. To make their tiny home comfortable, they renovated it completely to create separate areas for work and play and just enough storage for the surprisingly few things they really need. The kitchen boasts a sharp interplay of open and closed storage to make it totally functional — and cute!

You might not be willing to give up your home for one on wheels, but you can still steal some of the Griggs' smart storage ideas.


5 Things That Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger — Small Space Kitchens

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Whether you live in a small apartment, an older (pre-island fetish) home, or just an average house, you probably wish your kitchen was a little bit bigger. Or at least wish it looked bigger, right? We can't help you increase the square footage, but we can help with the second part of that.

Here are five things that'll make your kitchen seem bigger than it really is.


6 Reasons to Be Proud of Your Ridiculously Small Kitchen — Small-Space Kitchens

While we all might fantasize about having a sprawling kitchen, à la our favorite Nancy Meyers movies, reality is often a lot, um, smaller. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you can either curse the cooking gods for your misfortune or make the best of it.

I mean, some professional chefs can pull off culinary magnificence in small New York kitchens. So you can come close. Or at the very least, love your tiny kitchen a little more. Here are some good reasons you should not only love but also feel fiercely proud of your tiny-as-a-postage-stamp space.


10 Teeny-Tiny Kitchens with Serious Style — Small Space Kitchens

Fun fact: You don't need a big kitchen to have big style. Some of our favorite kitchens are less than 500 square-feet. How do these little rooms pull off such flare? With a focus on fine finishes, quality pieces, and lots of attention to detail.

Keep reading to check out some of our favorite totally-put-together small kitchens.


7 Storage Lessons to Steal from This Stylish Airstream Kitchen — Small Space Kitchens

Some people can live together in just 200 square feet of space. And they can do it beautifully, too. Just look at this Airstream trailer, which is home to Natasha Lawyer and Brett Bashaw. Nicknamed the Tin Can Homestead, it's a marvel of smart, stylish storage.

Here are seven smart storage ideas you should steal from their functional-yet-small kitchen and implement in your own tiny space.


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