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There’s a New Instant Pot for Single People — Shopping

We don't hear many bad things about the Instant Pot. Our staffers love it. Our readers love it. It's basically the Tom Hanks of cooking appliances — people have only nice things to say about it!

If we had to call out one thing to nitpick about it, it'd maybe be that the sizes — a 6- and 8-quart option — were just a little too large for a household of one. If you live alone, you probably weren't getting to experience the magic of the Instant Pot because you just didn't need to make a vat of Potato Risotto.

Allow us to introduce you to the newish 3-quart Instant Pot!


You Need This Mini Food Processor (Even If You Already Own a Big One) — Amazon Deal of the Day

You love how easy your heavy-duty food processor makes meal prep duties. What you don't love? Having to haul the thing out, set it up, and clean it out when you're done. So more often than not, you end up hand-chopping onions or carrots rather than go through the whole process.

Consider this, though — you can buy a mini food processor to keep on hand for quick, little jobs (weeknight meals), and save your giant food processor for more involved jobs (ambitious weekend meals).

This KitchenAid version happens to by only $35!


Amazon Prime Day’s Best Deal Will Make You a Better Cook — Prime Day

If you've been kicking yourself since last year because you didn't get your hands on an Instant Pot during Amazon Prime Day (when the six-quart model was marked down to $70, from $120), you can stop. Cut yourself some slack and consider yourself lucky. Because it's on sale again this year. And the sale is even bigger. In that, this year, the eight-quart option is on sale.

Yep: For 2017's Amazon Prime Day, the Eight-Quart Instant Pot is on sale for $90, from $130. (That's around 30 percent off.) So you'll have to pay 20 bucks more than what you would have paid last year, but when you think of it like $10 per quart, it's kinda worth it — especially if you have a big family.


The Best Kitchen Deals Happening for Amazon Prime Day — Prime Day

You guys, it's after 9 p.m. on July 10! That means the clock has struck Amazon Prime Day! Although some deals have been rolling out these last few days, it is finally officially time. Prime Day Deals will be happening now through 2:59 a.m. EDT, Wednesday, July 12.

With more with more than 100,000 sales, Amazon Prime Day can get a little overwhelming. Luckily, we've rounded up the very best of the deals so you won't miss out.

Note: We know that new deals will start as often as every five minutes during these 30 hours. Unfortunately, we don't know when these deals will start, but if there's something you want, set your profile to send you an alert. This way, you don't have to clear your day's entire schedule to stalk Amazon.

Read more: 10 Tips for Getting the Best Deals During Amazon Prime Day


Control Your Home Appliances with This Smart Plug, on Sale Right Now — Amazon Deal of the Day

If you dream of having a smart home but don't have the cash (or the patience) to completely wire everything in your house to operate with the touch of a button or the sound of your voice, we feel you.

But just because you're not completely "plugged in" doesn't mean you have to live life unplugged. This WeMo Mini Smart Plug (on sale now as part of Amazon's Prime Day deals, which will fully reveal themselves in all their glory on July 11) connects to your home WiFi and allows you to control any appliance you plug into it with a free companion app. And if you have an Alexa-enabled device, you'll save money on a purchase today.


Which Ice Cream Maker Is Right for You? — Ice Cream for Everyone

Last week gave us a taste for just how hot summer can get. And when it's that hot outside, there's only one thing you can do: Eat ice cream.

Everyone knows the best stuff is the stuff you make yourself and if you scream for ice cream on a regular basis, a machine bought for your kitchen will pay for itself in no time flat. (Faster than you can say waffle cone, in fact.)

How to shop for one, though? Start by reading the rest of this story.


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