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Recipe: Honey-Roasted Sprouts with Lentil-Quinoa Pilaf — Quick and Easy Vegetarian Dinners

(Image credit: Luisa Brimble)

Brussels sprouts and honey might not be the most obvious pairing, but once you've tasted this spunky little food combo, you will not look back! The sweetness of the honey perfectly tempers the mustardy undertones of the sprouts. Combined with this nourishing, spiced quinoa and lentil pilaf, this is a hearty salad bowl you will crave time and time again.


Recipe: Orzo with Caramelized Fall Vegetables & Ginger — Quick and Easy Vegetarian Dinners

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman/The Kitchn)

I love orzo — its plump, chewy grains so much like rice, but on a grander scale and with the tenderness of pasta — but I don't cook with it often enough, which seems silly, given how fast it can be. So I mused over what I would really like to eat right now and came up with all the fall vegetable flavors. Onions, garlic, mushrooms, sweet potato — preferably dark and caramelized, built from the ground up in one big skillet, browning, caramelizing, and sautéeing until you're left with a big pile of chewy orzo and dark, delicious fall vegetables.


Recipe: Tomato Rasam — Quick and Easy Weeknight Soups

(Image credit: Deepa's Secrets)

Tomato rasam, also known as the "sniffle-kicking" soup, is a tomato-based soup from the south of India. There's enough garlic in a bowl of it to kill a cold (and several vampires); the pepper, asafetida, cumin, turmeric, and tomato will help clear up any inflammation in the sinuses. Leftover soup will keep in the freezer for up to a month, so don't hesitate to make extras for those days you feel a cold coming on.


Recipe: Garlicky Parmesan Sweet Potatoes — 3-Ingredient Recipes

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman/The Kitchn)

For this super-simple side, thick chunks of sweet potato are roasted and then dusted with a snowy layer of nutty Parmesan that turns irresistibly crisp around the edges after a few minutes under the broiler. A hit of garlic only makes them even more delicious. Make these Parmesan-coated sweet potatoes once and you will never go back to plain roasted sweet potatoes again. They will make you the hero of dinner and the talk of your next potluck.


Recipe: Polenta Florentine — Quick and Easy Weeknight Sides

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman/The Kitchn)

Ever eye those shrink-wrapped tubes of polenta in the grocery store and wonder what to do with them? Turns out they're the perfect base for casseroles — all you have to do is cut them into rounds first. The sauce, which I've been dreaming about for a while, is inspired by eggs Florentine. It's a basic Parmesan white sauce fragrant with garlic, onions, and, of course, a whole bag of sautéed baby spinach. Baked in a trusty casserole dish, this polenta Florentine is vegetarian comfort food at its finest.


This Is How You Make Brussels Sprouts Irresistibly Good — Delicious Links

(Image credit: Kirbie Cravings)

If you're not sold on Brussels sprouts, it's probably because you haven't had them prepared the right way. These crispy panko-coated sprouts are far from the mushy, bland ones you used to push around on your dinner plate while your mom watched from across the table. These Brussels sprouts are so crunchy and flavorful I guarantee you won't be able to stop eating them once you start.


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