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Our Favorite Kitchen Shelves from the Container Store — Shopping

We can't hide it anymore: We love the Container Store. We'd marry it if we could. Or more realistically, we'd just spend hours wandering the aisles, geeking out over different-sized containers and trying to decide which drawer organizers we like best (all of them!).

Whether you share our love for TCS (as we affectionately call it) or just need some new shelves, this list of the store's best shelves should help you get your kitchen organized.


Halo Top Rolls Out 7 Non-Dairy Vegan Flavors — Grocery News

Die-hard fans of Halo Top, listen up: The ice cream brand is releasing non-dairy and vegan flavors today. Halo Top Creamery, which is known for decadent flavors boasting up to 24 grams of protein and just 280 to 360 calories, turned seven of their low-calorie, high-protein flavors into non-dairy and vegan pints.

Rejoice with me!


If You Love the Pioneer Woman, You’ll Love This News — Shopping

Confused about why you're looking at a photo of a bedroom on a site called Kitchn? We don't blame you! The explanation is simple, though: Ree Drummond (aka the Pioneer Woman) is launching her own line of bedding to go with her super-pretty line of slow cookers, rolling pins, plates, and more.


The 7 Cooking Tools Real College Students Say They Couldn’t Live Without — Shopping

As anyone who has been a college student (or has shopped for a college student) knows, collegiate life requires a lot of stuff. Decking out a dorm room can be a blast (hello, new school supplies and decor!) but also a bit of a puzzle. What should you leave at home? What's going to help you live most effectively in a snug room with a stranger for the next year? How will you fuel up when you're too busy — or tired — to get to the dining hall?

To answer the last question, we asked real college students to weigh in. Here's what they said help them the most while living that dorm life.


7 IKEA Groceries That Just Aren’t Worth It — Shopping

It's easy to make a ton of impulse buys at IKEA. (Cheap cutting boards? Sure! Plastic baggies? Throw 'em in the bag!) And I will almost always support the purchase. But after taste testing a few dozen grocery items from the Swedish retailer, I have come to learn that some things are best left on the shelf.

Here are the seven IKEA groceries that just aren't worth buying.


This Cult Favorite Store Is Even Better than Costco — Shopping

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

You love Costco, I love Costco, we all geek out over this bulk-sized Narnia. But what if I told you there was something even better than Costco? Something that only people in a small-ish pocket of the country really seem to know about?

Well, I am telling you that! Keep reading to find out what I'm talking about.


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