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This Freakishly Popular Air Fryer Is Now on Sale — Amazon Deal of The Day

You try really hard to eat healthfully, so buying a whole machine dedicated to making fried foods seems overly indulgent, right? But listen — sometimes you just want (read: need) some french fries. We get it.

This Philips Air Fryer allows you to have your fries (and more) without feeling like you're being incredibly unhealthy.


This $36 Swedish Hand Soap Is Totally Worth It — Shopping

To say that I'm frugal isn't exactly accurate. I have survived on a very meager salary; used Dove soap bars to wash body, face, and hair; and eaten rice and beans for an entire summer due to insufficient funds (my fault for lending a guy all of my savings, only to find he used the money to pay off his credit card bills). I am also a minimalist when it comes to things, so the temptation to buy something just because it's pretty is tempered by the anxiety I get from having too much stuff.

But still, I have always been willing to splurge on things that make me happy.


Microwaving Your Sponge Causes Fires, but This Won’t — Shopping

If you've heard it once this year, you've heard it a million times: Sponges are disgusting, bacteria-ridden pieces of cellulose. (By some estimates, they are dirtier than toilet seats!) And while you used to zap them in the microwave to kill said bacteria, we all learned this summer that doing so is actually pretty ineffective. While the microwave can nuke weaker bacteria, it has no effect on stronger species. Even more, it's pretty easy to start a fire in there if your sponge isn't wet enough.

Cool. Even cooler? The fact there's basically no good alternative. Microfiber cloths actually suck up more bacteria because they're so porous. Bristled brushes tend to harbor less bacteria, but they're not as effective at getting food off of dishes.

So we've just been sticking with our sponges. We try to swap them out every week or so, but they still end up feeling a little gross after a few uses. Which is why we are so excited to learn about this new product.


Dorie Greenspan’s Favorite Baking Tool — Shopping

Dorie Greenspan bakes in three different kitchens (in New York, Paris, and Connecticut). She has a stand mixer in each, but the five-quart KitchenAid stand mixer in her New York kitchen has a special place in her heart. Purchased almost 40 years ago, it was an incredible splurge at the time, Dorie says. At a few hundred bucks, it's still a major expense for many of us these days, too. If you can swing it, though, Dorie calls it a very wise investment.


Kristen Bell Made a Sloth Spatula and the World Rejoiced — Shopping News

(Image credit: Williams-Sonoma)

There aren't many that are unaware of the truly passionate love that actress Kristen Bell has for a certain long-armed animal. A large portion of America eagerly watched (thank you, viral videos) as her husband Dax Shepard filmed her in bed being overjoyed at the idea of a sloth surprise and then again when she appeared on Ellen with her favorite furry creature.

And now you can share her same love for the beloved sloth with this spatula from Williams-Sonoma.


You 100 Percent Need This Kitchen Essential (Now on Sale) — Amazon Deal of the Day

The salad spinner is one of those kitchen gadgets that most people don't think they need. And yet it is 100 percent essential in any kitchen. Obviously, yes, if you make a lot of salads at home, but also if you frequently cook with greens or fresh herbs.

If you don't have one already, consider this one from Cuisinart — it's currently more than 50 percent off on Amazon.


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