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Get This Glass Beverage Dispenser (on Sale Right Now) for Your 4th of July Celebration — Amazon Deal of the Day

If you're hosing a 4th of July party this weekend, you're probably in full-on stock-up mode. We're guessing you're loading up on patriotic paper goods, buns, and fireworks (local ordinances permitting!). There's just one more thing you should get: this two-gallon glass beverage dispenser, which is on sale right now on Amazon for less than $23.

Even if you're not hosting this weekend, you'll need this beverage dispenser for the rest of the summer. And fall, and winter ... you get the point.


My Favorite Baby Shower Gift Made a Huge Difference in My Cooking — You’re a Parent Now

Before my son was born, I was really into elephants — elephant banks, elephant picture frames, elephant toys, a super-expensive monogrammed elephant blanket, elephant decals, elephant curtains. Our nursery theme was elephants and I was running with it.

But the best gift I got at my baby shower had less to do with elephants and more to do with kangaroos. It was my baby carrier.


Our Favorite Grilling Shortcuts to Buy at Costco — Shopping

Costco is a beacon of hope during a summer packed with neighborhood water fights (post-fight Popsicles required) and backyard barbecues. No other store helps you plan more summer camp snacks and feed crowds of pool-dwellers more economically than this big-box retailer. (Also, Costco seems to crush it when it comes to in-store air conditioning!)

While not everyone can use a mass quantity of water balloons or an 11-person inflatable raft from Costco, at least once this summer we'll all need to quickly feed a cookout crowd. Here are three of my favorite grilling shortcuts from Costco, plus two other top buys for the grill.


Why You Should Buy This Thermos Beverage Insulator Right Now — Amazon Deal of the Day

If you're like us, your summertime plans involve spending as much time outdoors as humanly possible. But when you're hanging out in nature, your creature comforts become a little diminished. Nothing's worse than getting halfway through a beer before the hot temperature has rendered it warm and basically undrinkable, right?

That's why this Thermos Beverage Can Insulator is guaranteed to be your new favorite summer accessory. Equipped to hold any 12-ounce can, it's perfect for camping, fishing, tailgating, hanging out on the beach, or just sitting in your backyard with your buddies.


These Gorgeous Temporary Tattoos Smell Like Fresh Herbs — Pop Culture

(Image credit: Tattly)

Temporary tattoos have come a long way. There are some seriously cute tattoos you can buy that actually look pretty chic. With summer underway and more opportunities to show a little skin, it's prime time to display some new body art. That's why I'm so excited about these new tattoos that not only look great but also smell great. That's right! Tattly has created a line of of temporary tattoos, called the Bouquet Garni Set, featuring scented tattoos of four different kinds of herbs: parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.


Which Ice Cream Maker Is Right for You? — Ice Cream for Everyone

Last week gave us a taste for just how hot summer can get. And when it's that hot outside, there's only one thing you can do: Eat ice cream.

Everyone knows the best stuff is the stuff you make yourself and if you scream for ice cream on a regular basis, a machine bought for your kitchen will pay for itself in no time flat. (Faster than you can say waffle cone, in fact.)

How to shop for one, though? Start by reading the rest of this story.


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