Recipe: Fresh Tomato Blender Sauce — Quick and Easy Vegetarian Dinners

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It's not worth fussing too much with summer tomatoes. When they are so juicy and sweet this time of the year, it's truly hard to improve on them. That's why tomato sandwiches and caprese salads exist. That's also why this sauce exists. Slow-simmered tomato sauces are glorious, but save those for when you're trying to coax life and flavor into the canned stuff come winter. For this recipe you need to do nothing but toss the tomatoes you grabbed from the farmers market into a blender, add a little garlic, olive oil, and fresh basil, and transform the mix into the brightest, liveliest thing you can toss with pasta this summer.


8 British Condiments and Sauces You Need to Try — Brilliantly British

I used to think if there was to be an international condiment competition, ranch dressing — regardless of brand — would win, hands-down. But then I moved to the U.K., and discovered their ranch selection was two brands at the most, and neither tasted like the dressing of my motherland.

Like all international moves, it takes time to acclimate to new surroundings, and finding your way around the supermarket aisles is part of the assimilation. While I waited for my mom to send ranch seasoning packets via snail mail, I had to branch out into the unknown — brands, flavors, spice levels.


Recipe: Yogurt Pretzel Bark — Recipes from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Yogurt-covered pretzels are one of my children's favorite snacks, and why wouldn't they be? They are sweet and salty with just a tiny bit of tanginess from the yogurt. I recently discovered yogurt powder as a new favorite pantry staple, and it inspired me to riff on the classic candy bark with yogurt and pretzels. Now we have a new go-to after-school snack that only takes 15 minutes and four ingredients to make.


The Best Ingredient You’re Not Putting in Your Pesto — Tips from The Kitchn

Last August, after blending together the same basic pesto for nearly my entire adult life, I branched out to try a different recipe after picking up a new cookbook. I was excited that the pesto recipe in Run Fast. Eat Slow would help me use up the quickly fading bundle of arugula in the fridge, but more than anything I was totally intrigued by one unexpected condiment in the ingredient list. It's one that I've cooked with tons of time before, although never thought to include in pesto — and now that I have, there's no going back because it makes for the most unbelievable pesto I've ever tasted.


10 Essential Sauces and Rubs for Grilled Meat — Recipes from The Kitchn

Want some extra insurance that tonight's dinner from the grill will be packed with big, bold flavor in every bite? The solution is simple: sauces and dry rubs. Whether you're firing up the grill for burgers, brats, chicken, or a juicy steak, the secret to really great grilled meat is as simple as a medley of spices from the pantry or a vibrant sauce to match the smoky char.

From classic barbecue sauce to a Southwestern dry rub, these are the 10 essential sauces and dry rubs for grilling season.


Recipe: 3-Ingredient Buttery White Wine Pasta Sauce — Recipes from The Kitchn

Take three basic ingredients (you get pasta water and salt as freebies), plus some comfort-food inspiration, and you've got a grown-up version of buttered noodles that's light with just a hint of indulgence. Dry white wine, a pat of butter, and nutty Parmesan come together for a light summery sauce for any pasta you're cooking up. It's a no-fuss homemade sauce you can call on any night of the week, and it doesn't need much more time or effort than it would take to heat up the jarred stuff.


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