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Stop Struggling with Your Aluminum Foil! — Amazon Deal of the Day

The minimalist in you will see this ChicWrap Foil Dispenser and think, "This is definitely something I do not need," but hear us out!

This dispenser has a precision slicer inside the box that allows you to simply slide a button across the foil for a clean cut. No more nicking your knuckles on those razor-sharp exposed serrated teeth as you clumsily grab for foil. (Seriously what were those box designers thinking?) Plus, the cute cooking-themed pattern is way better than a boring Reynolds Wrap box, which means you can keep it within arm's reach on your counter rather than relegating it to one of your cabinets.


Buy These Containers (Now on Sale!) and Save Money on Produce — Amazon Deal of the Day

You know the drill: You resolve to eat healthy, you look up recipes, you head to the store and farmers market to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. You tell anyone who will listen that you're going to start eating more fresh produce.

Then, life happens. You work late one night or someone drags you out for happy hour and the fresh foods you were planning on turning into a salad are in your fridge, wilting. You get mad at yourself, not only for not sticking to your resolution to eat healthy, but also because you've let good, nutritious, and expensive foods go to waste.

It happens. But it doesn't have to be this way.


You Actually Need a Spoon Rest! Here’s a Good One That’s on Sale. — Amazon Deal of the Day

When buying kitchen gear, you might be quick to relegate a spoon rest into the "grandma-ish things I don't actually need" category, but not so fast — spoon rests are actually pretty useful. They help contain the mess when you're cooking extra-saucy concoctions.

This one — on sale for $8 (nearly 50 percent off) on Amazon — takes an old-school tool and adds a bonus helper in the form of a lid holder.


The Best Kitchen Finds in IKEA’s 2018 Catalog for $25 or Less — IKEA Shopping Guide

Good morning! While you guys were sleeping, we spent some time cozied up with IKEA's new 2018 catalog, which doesn't officially come out until August 2. There's all sorts of fun stuff in it (including a collaboration between IKEA and the Danish design brand HAY and a bar stool made to match the RÅSKOG cart). Of course, there's lots of budget-friendly kitchen gear, too. Here are our favorites.


IKEA 2018 Catalog Sneak Peek: 10 Products We’re Excited About — IKEA Shopping Guide

(Image credit: Janel Laban)

Get ready to wish this week was next week. Why? IKEA's 2018 catalog hits stores next Wednesday (that's August 2 — you can request your copy now and you can also browse it online on August 7). Exciting, right?

We couldn't agree with you more: This is always our favorite time of year. Will there be something that's even more versatile than the RÅSKOG cart? What amazing — and totally affordable! — tabletop finds will be on offer? What will their kitchens look like? So many questions!

Luckily, we have a few answers. In that we got a sneak peek at the catalog. Here are 10 new kitchen-related things we're most excited about.


Get Your Cabinets Organized with These Wire Storage Baskets — Amazon Deal of the Day

There are a lot of ways you can keep your pantry or kitchen cabinets organized, and there are a lot of products on the market made specifically for that exact purpose. But with all of those "helpful" products out there, it's easy to get carried away, spending a ton of money in the process.

Really, though, you just need your cabinets to be orderly so you don't have to take everything out when you're just trying to find the vinegar on a Wednesday night. And you can do that with just a few simple, good-looking baskets. That's why we recommend snatching up a few of these wire storage baskets (on sale right now on Amazon).


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