The Best Ways to Use Red in the Kitchen — Kitchen Design

There are some bold hues that take guts to pull off — no matter where in your home you're using them. One of those shades? A pop-y cherry red. It instantly adds energy and personality to any room, but go overboard (or use it wrong) and it can take over your space — in a bad way!

Here are the best ways to pull off the primary shade in your kitchen.


10+ Recipes You Need for a Classic 4th of July BBQ (Plus a Few More Great Ideas) — Recipes from The Kitchn

One of the greatest things about the Fourth of July is the food. It's usually everything you want to eat at this time of year presented without too much fanfare (that gets saved for the fireworks). Since most of us prepare the same things every year — the grilled corn, the ribs, the potato salad — the dishes get perfected with every candle added to America's birthday cake. Here are those classics all in one place. Consider them a menu of sorts — a hub you can use to double check details, or inspiration if this is your first time hosting a bash. This is only the tip of the iceberg of the Independence Day eats. Once you've perused the classics, it's time to check out our collection of recipes for sides and desserts. There are a few wild card ideas thrown into the mix, because you never know when you might need 10 ways to top a corndog.


Mexico Is Easy, Affordable & Delicious. Here’s Where to Go. — Summer Vacations for Food-Lovers

I'm going to make a bold statement: If you're a food-lover, there is no better vacation destination than Mexico. That's true any time of year, but especially in summer. Allow me to make my case.


The World’s Cutest Garden Markers You Can Make — Simple Gardens

It's happening! Gardening season, that is. Before you know it, you'll be up to your eyeballs (or at least your shins) in fresh herbs, vegetables, and more. Mind your peas and corral all that mint you're growing with these charming DIY garden markers — they're all made from things you probably already have around the house.


10 Awesome Bloggers Share Their Favorite Summer Vacation Recipes — Recipe Roundup

(Image credit: Chelsea's Messy Apron)

What are the recipes you like to cook on summer vacation? If you're staying at a rental home or at a friend's place, chances are you're not going to have all the cooking tools you're accustomed to. Vacation recipes, then, should be lazy recipes. They should be easy burgers on the grill, lots of vegetable-heavy salads, and desserts that require minimal ingredients (unless you're making pie. Pie is always the exception).

I asked 10 awesome food bloggers to tell me their favorite things they make on vacation. I wasn't totally surprised to find that many of the ideas were big salads (of the pasta variety and of the leafy green variety) and easy breakfast and dessert ideas.


The Most Ingenious Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator — Fridge Fix-Up

If you're anything like me, your fridge is almost always in a constant state of disarray. Try as I may, I can't seem to find an organizational strategy that will stick. Leftovers kept to one shelf? Tried that. Condiments on the door? Tried that. Lucky for me (and probably you) the internet is an untapped well of ideas from other people who happen to be much better at organizing.

Here are some of the most ingenious storage solutions you should steal.


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