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Can You Recommend Nutritious, High-Protein Muffin Recipes? — Good Questions

Q: I'm looking for nutritious, high-protein muffin recipes for healthy and tasty snacks for my child at school. I've been looking around for good recipes, but many seem more geared towards workout fuel, with the addition of protein powder and such that I fear won't be palatable for the younger set.


What Are Some Good Vegetarian Recipes That Don’t Have Beans? — Good Questions

Q: I have a mostly vegetarian diet (meat maybe once or twice a month). I've noticed that my stomach has become very sensitive to beans, so I can't incorporate them into my recipes anymore without serious consequences for days (it's awful because I'm Indian!).


What’s the Best Way to Reheat Chicken Breast Without Making It Dry? — Good Questions

Q: I loved the video on how to cook a perfect skinless, boneless chicken breast. My question is how do you reheat a skinless, boneless chicken breast without drying it out. Can you use the same method? If so, what would the time be?

Sent by MaryLou


How Can I Make Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing from Scratch? — Good Questions

Q: I once found (and have since lost) a recipe for a Good Seasons Italian salad dressing hack. It was made with fresh ingredients, just as you would make a vinaigrette, and it was absolutely delicious and immediately reminiscent of the salad dressing out of the package ... only better.


What Can I Do with Lots of Sauerkraut? — Good Questions

Q: What do I do with lots of sauerkraut? I signed up for a sauerkraut share along with my CSA box this year. It is delicious, but it is hard to eat more than a few bites of it on its own since it has such a potent flavor.


What Are Some Meals I Can Cook in a Small RV Kitchen? — Good Questions

Q: I am going RV camping in Alaska and am trying to come up with some simple yet tasty meals we can make in the small RV kitchen. Do you have any ideas or recommendations?

Sent by Michele


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