Recipe Questions

What Are the Best Recipes for a Kitchen with No Major Appliances? — Good Questions

Q: I am voluntarily living with a salad bowl, hot plate burner, an ice cream maker, and a rice cooker. Very simple, hardly deprived, and I'm doing well this way, but would love to hear your favorite recipes that suit this lifestyle. Even your top three would be cool.


Does Anyone Have a Recipe for This Eastern European Spread? — Good Questions

Q: A friend of mine told me about a traditional Eastern European spread that is made from eggs and yogurt, but he wasn't able to really explain how to make it even though someone had taught him (he is not a cooking enthusiast).


Can You Help Me Find Meals That Freeze Well? — Good Questions

Q: A friend has a very sick family member, and I'd like to make her family a meal to help during this difficult time. When one of my loved ones passed away this spring, my family really, really appreciated all of the food everyone brought for us, but we had to throw some away — it was just too much.


How Can I Recreate Popeye’s Fried Chicken? — Good Questions

Q: I am very fond of cooking, and have traveled to many different countries. I can cook a variety of different foods, but I'm stuck on a simple recipe.


What Type of Dessert Would Hold Up Best for a Long Flight? — Good Questions

Q: My husband is moving to Japan to start a new job teaching English (I'll join him there in a month!). It's traditional to bring a small gift, miyage, for your new bosses and colleagues, which is typically food and something representative of your hometown.


What Are Some Simple, Nutritious Recipes for a New Cook? — Good Questions

Q: My late wife would not allow me in the kitchen; it was her domain (her words, not mine). But now that I've been on my own for the past five years, I am at a loss as to what to cook for myself, especially as I've recently been told that I am borderline diabetic.


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