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What Are the Best Resources for Low-Sodium Cooking? — Good Questions

Q: My father went through major heart surgery earlier this year, and while he is recovering well, my mom is having a hard time adapting to cooking for his new dietary needs. He needs to maintain a low-sodium diet for his blood pressure, and he has to avoid leafy greens due to blood-thinner medication.


Is There a Way to Tone Down Food That’s Too Spicy? — Good Questions

Q: I added too much hot pepper to a soup, and now it's way too spicy. What's the best way to deal with this? Is there a way I can tone down the spiciness so my soup is edible?

Sent by Natalie


What Vegetarian Meals Can I Make in the Slow Cooker Besides Soup? — Good Questions

Q: We have crazy work schedules and rely on the slow cooker for at least a couple meals a week. Most of our current recipes involve meat, and we're really trying to cut back on it. We do have some meatless soups and stews that we enjoy from the slow cooker, but we can't live on soup alone.


What Are the Best Meals and Snacks to Make for New Parents? — Good Questions

Q: My best friend is having her first baby in January and I want to meet up with her to cook her some freezer meals and snacks for when baby arrives.


What Are Some Packable Meals That Don’t Need Refrigeration? — Good Questions

Q: I'm going to be staying at a fancy resort for a weekend wedding. I'm already dropping big bucks on the location, and I want to minimize my food costs wherever I can. Dinners will be included in the experience, but breakfasts and lunches will not.


What Are Some Vegetarian Recipes That Freeze Well? — Good Questions

Q: My partner recently left the country for the semester, bringing our two-person household down to one. I am not accustomed to only cooking for one, and I would like to make a few meals on the weekends that I can eat throughout the week or freeze. Any good vegetarian suggestions?

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