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What Recipes Can a New Mom Make While Nursing? — Good Questions

Q: New mom here. I am looking for recipes that I can stop and start throughout in case the baby wakes. For example, making anything that requires more than five minutes or so of continuous hands-on time will not work.


Is There a Good Substitute for Fresh Cranberries? — Good Questions

Q: We are a family living abroad, and want to invite local friends to celebrate Thanksgiving with a traditional dinner. I can find most ingredients, but there are no fresh cranberries for the relish. Any ideas on what I can substitute for the cranberries or another relish?

Sent by Elizabeth


What Should I Cook for a Thanksgiving Brunch? — Good Questions

Q: I'm hosting Thankgiving this year, but since some of my guests are juggling more than one dinner that day, I decided not to compete for dinner. Instead, I'm hosting a brunch.


What Can I Cook on a Low-Fat Diet? — Good Questions

Q: I recently had a medical emergency, which now requires me to follow an extremely low-fat diet (less than 50 grams of fat per day). This means I need to avoid most dairy, oils, nuts and nut products, fatty meats, etc. I'm having a lot of trouble following this diet, since I love butter, cheese, and peanut butter.


How Can I Salvage Bland Chicken Stock? — Good Questions

Q: I made some bland chicken stock for a pet to try, to encourage him to drink more, but he didn't end up liking it. I made the stock in a slow cooker and used a whole chicken, some carrots, sage, and basil, based on a recipe for pet broth that I found.


How Can I Use Uncrystallized Ginger? — Good Questions

Q: My husband and I like to eat dried crystallized ginger. In error I purchased uncrystallized, which turned out to be really hot. So I thought it might make great ginger snaps or ginger cakes. Do you have any recipes, or other ideas on how we might use the uncrystallized ginger?

Sent by Margot


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