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How Do I Prevent Overbrowning on Bread and Rolls? — Good Questions

Q: I always have trouble with my rolls and bread browning on the top, but not on the bottom. Any helpful hints?

Sent by Glenda Guthrie


What Do I Bring to the Office Potluck? — Good Questions

Q: My office is holding a potluck to celebrate the holiday season. We can bring just about anything — appetizer, main dish, dessert, or drink. As you'd imagine in a big group of people, we have a few dietary restrictions, mainly vegetarian and kosher.


How Do I Save a Dry Frittata? — Good Questions

Q: How do I refresh my dry frittata after I have overcooked it?

Sent by Lisa Askar


How Do I Keep Christmas Cookies Fresh? — Good Questions

Q: I would love to start my Christmas cookie baking, but am afraid that my cookies will be hard by Christmas. I'm thinking of making chocolate chip, oatmeal scotchies and gingerbread men. Will storing them in a tin, bag, or tupperware keep them fresh into the new year?

Sent by Katie D


How Long Can I Refrigerate an Unbaked Pie? — Good Questions

Q: How long can I refrigerate an unbaked peach pie before the crust will get soggy?

Sent by Jan Gatenbein


How Do I Juggle a Meal That Requires Different Oven Temperatures? — Good Questions

Q: How do you handle preparing a meal on time when each plate requires a different oven temperature? Let's say you want to make baked chicken breasts (450°F) and baked apples (375°F for 40 minutes). Is there a way to combine both?

Sent by Sonsoles


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