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Can You Help Me Find a Foolproof Recipe for Sourdough Dinner Rolls? — Good Questions

2012_11_12-SourdoughRollsGQ.jpgQ: For Thanksgiving I'd like to make sourdough dinner rolls and am looking for a recipe that produces a soft, fluffy dinner roll with a hint of sweetness. I thought your readers might know an accurate and simple recipe for fantastic sourdough dinner rolls. I really want to amaze my family this year with my dish! More


How Can I Make a Clear, Scum-Free Chicken Broth or Soup? — Good Questions

2012_11_05-BrothGQ.jpgQ: Whenever I make chicken soup or need to put chicken of any kind into a soup, the broth gets scummy or has floaties in it from the chicken — help! I just want to make a beautiful clear soup with chicken in it!

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Ideas for Thanksgiving Dishes for Two? — Good Questions

2012-11-08-ThanksgivingTWo.jpgQ: Do you have suggestions for smaller-sized Thanksgiving dishes? My boyfriend and I will be celebrating together in an apartment with a half-stove, so we want to miniaturize traditional Thanksgiving dishes for our small party and space without giving up on variety. Thanks!

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Can You Suggest Some Gluten-Free One-Dish Meals? — Good Questions

2012_11_08-GlutenFreeGQ.jpgQ: I'm a college student and my roommate and I love to cook, but we don't have a lot of time and we are both gluten-intolerant. We are on the hunt for delicious and relatively healthy one-dish meals that are either naturally gluten-free, or can be modified to be. More


Recipe Ideas for a Restricted Diet of Proteins and Vegetables? — Good Questions

2012_11_07-DietRecipesGQ.jpgQ: My husband is on a restricted diet to lose weight and I am running out of new meal ideas, especially for lunch and dinner. He can't eat any dairy, carbs, fruit, processed sugar, or anything fried. That leaves protein and vegetables (he prefers cooked rather than raw veggies). Any suggestions? More


Can You Suggest Some Festive Vegan Dinner Party Recipes? — Good Questions

2012_11_06-VeganRecipesGQ.jpgQ: My husband and I have recently adopted a predominantly plant-based diet. I feel as if all we have eaten for the past 2 months is curries and stir-fries, and we are getting bored. Does anyone have great ideas for formal, festive, dinner-party type menus that are plant-based (vegan)? More


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