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Seattle in Four Recipes: An Edible Welcome Mat — Cook the Town: Seattle

When I moved to Seattle more than a decade ago, a tiny part of me was worried. I'd heard of the rain, of course — never mind that the stats told me Seattle gets less rain than New York, Boston, or Washington, DC. What really concerned me was the chill. Seattleites have a reputation as sometimes cold, unfriendly folk. But from the moment we touched down, we've felt the opposite.


A One-Time-Only Lunchbox Bootcamp for a Better Week of Midday Eats — Lunch Box Bootcamp

Even though I work mostly from home, the lunch struggle is real. I am not immune to the sad desk lunch. Probably like you, it happens more often than I'd like to admit. But right now, inspired by the back-to-school season, all of that changes. I'm putting an end to the boring lunches that leave me splurging on a pricey salad and instead putting together exciting midday meals that will fill me up. When it comes to packing lunch, join me in welcoming September as the new January. It's time for a fresh start and it all begins with lunch.

From ham and cheese muffins to protein-packed chickpea quesadillas, these five midday meals show you how to give your lunch routine a total reboot.


Cook Your Freezer! 5 Freezer-to-Table Dinner Recipes — Freezer to Table

My freezer door gets opened multiple times a day. It's my secret weapon against food waste, food boredom, and, most importantly, ordering takeout when I don't feel like cooking. A little bit of leftover pesto? Into the freezer it goes to be slathered on puff pastry dough for a savory summer tart. When walking down the freezer aisle at Trader Joe's, bags of frozen Asian dumplings, broccoli florets, turkey meatballs, and shrimp get thrown into my cart. That way, when dinner needs to happen fast, I'm armed and ready to dish out some tasty meals without a last-minute run to the grocery store.

These five dinner recipes revolve around foods I consider freezer staples. With just a little prep, you too can be enjoying teriyaki meatball bowls, lemon ravioli casserole, shrimp and rice casserole, a summer veggie pesto tart, or a spicy-sour Thai-inspired dumpling soup. Ready to stock and shop your freezer like I do? Let's go!


The 5 Types of Dinners You Can Make After a Trip to the Farmers Market — Farmers Market Suppers

I have two personas when it comes to food shopping: my grocery store persona and my farmers market persona. The former, without fail, hits the store with a carefully curated shopping list arranged by the layout of the aisles; the latter arrives without a shopping list or a plan at all (I prefer to just see what's in season and grab the produce and herbs that catch my eye).

They key to making this approach work and easily turn my farmers market haul into dinner is knowing a few simple and versatile types of meals that can be made with anything I bring home. Instead of trying to find a specific recipe that matches exactly what I buy, I begin with a dinner template. From a veggie-packed frittata to a summery pizza, these five meals show how to turn a trip to the farmers market into dinner.


These 3 Popsicles Sound Weird, but They’re Actually Delicious — Weird but Cool Popsicles

The best thing about Popsicles? They're served on a stick! Sticks are fun — way more fun that spoons, forks, and even sporks! So your Popsicles should be just as much fun. None of that cherry and grape nonsense. That's why we created a trio of totally weird, but cool, Popsicles. These recipes are the Popsicle equivalent of John Cusack in basically every movie from the '80s. We wouldn't want our frozen treats any other way and we hope you agree.


This Is What Portland, Maine Tastes Like (in Case You Can’t Go) — Bite-Sized Guide: Portland, Maine

When you think of the food of Maine, your mind might land on lobster. But Portland, Maine's largest city, has so much more to offer than mayo-dressed lobster meat piled into a hot dog bun. The city's close proximity to the ocean and local farms means the inventive chefs who call Portland home have a wealth of fresh ingredients at their fingertips. If you look past the stereotypes and avoid the tourist traps, the food of Portland is creative, sophisticated, and downright delicious.


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