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The Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning: What to Know, How to Succeed, and What to Skip — Meal Planning for Beginners

To the uninitiated, meal planning can feel like an elusive practice or an overwhelming task, but that's usually because we think about meal planning from the end point — when all the recipes have been selected, when all the groceries have been shopped for, and a week of dinners were successfully made. Put all the information in front of a newbie and their eyes grow wide with one resounding question: But how do I do it?

We've identified the simplest, most effective system for meal planning and broke it down into three key steps: selecting recipes, shopping for ingredients, and prepping your meals. These steps might seem pretty obvious, and for the most part they are, but there's critical strategy within each of them. It's the strategy that makes meal planning worth its weight in gold — or maybe just the money it saves you! Along the way we're going to cover what to skip, what's absolutely essential for success, and share a few bonus pro tips you can implement as you find your own rhythm.

You'll leave this guide with a detailed playbook on how to craft your own meal plan so that eternal question of what's for dinner can be asked and answered with strategy and precision.


3 Years Later, I Still Think Paprika Is the Best Recipe App You Can Buy — Technology in the Kitchen

You can't trust your feelings during the first couple weeks with a new app. It can be intense — you're spending all your time with it, you're telling all your friends about it, and you're maybe even thinking this app, it completes me. But that hot-and-heavy time always comes to an end, and more often than not, all you're left with is a neglected, vaguely embarrassing reminder of how you fall for any slick new app that comes along.

But three years in, you know a committed relationship with an app is the real deal. That's how it is with me and Paprika, the recipe organizing app I first reviewed in 2013.


A Smart Tip for Keeping Recipes Where You Can See Them — Comment of the Day

Last week we shared some of our favorite ways to make the most of your precious space in a small kitchen.

There were many more good ideas in the comments, including this one — a smart way to keep even single sheets of printed-out recipes in your line of sight while cooking.


3 Recipe Boxes for the Paper-Loving Cook — Faith’s Daily Find 05.19.15

Capri Recipe Box from Rifle Paper Co.

• $34
Rifle Paper Co.

Are recipe boxes passé? With the advent of all manner of apps and electronic systems for keeping your recipes organized, has the old-school recipe box been banished from your cupboard? Not if many of our readers have their way; I happen to know more than a few of you still love your index cards (and even reformat our recipes to fit that classic format!). If you still want your recipes out where you can touch them, these three boxes are for you.


5 More Ways to Save, Store, and Organize Your Recipes Online — Tech in the Kitchen

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Even though all of us at The Kitchn have pretty extensive cookbook collections, we're also always looking at new recipes online, and trying to figure out ways to save those precious family recipes that are on notecards slowly deteriorating from overuse.

Luckily, there are plenty of websites and apps available to help you save all of your precious recipes and the ones you have yet to try. Here's a look at five worth checking out.


Do You Print Recipes? Here Are 5 Paper Stands to Support That Habit — Shopping Guide

How about a cutting board stand? From Alainas Adirondacks
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A few months ago, in a post about the 10 things she always has in her kitchen, Cook's Country editor Eva Katz revealed her love of the paper stand. "I have a paper stand for holding my recipes as I work," she said. "It's a pretty handy-dandy thing to have when you print out recipes from the internet."

There are stands for cookbooks and iPads, but if you're still kicking it old-school with your printed out recipes (and we know a lot of you are), you deserve a stand of your own! Here are five to choose from.


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