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10 Ways Our Readers Treat Themselves — Reader Intelligence Report

It's the little things in life that can have the biggest impact. It might be something material (a special tea pot or a scented candle that makes your home smell like the beach), or something edible (a really good glass of wine at the end of the day, perhaps, or that dark chocolate bar that cost $12 but is totally worth every penny). It might also be something less tangible, like saying no to social invitations and indulging in a Gilmore Girls marathon.

This week, we asked our readers to share how they treat themselves and we're sharing the best ideas with you here (and taking notes for our own "me" moments).

Here are 10 ways our readers treat themselves.


10 Not-So-Basic Kitchen Tools Our Readers Pack for Vacation — Reader Intelligence Report

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

When you go on vacation, what are the tools and other kitchen essentials that come with you, and what gets left behind? This is the question we posed to our readers earlier this week and I have to confess I was surprised — and thrilled! — to discover our readers are just as guilty of packing everything but the kitchen sink as I am.

Kevin from Milwaukee keeps a set of back-up pots and pans, plus "knives, spatulas, bowls, tongs, and lighters" at the ready! Others were slightly more discerning, but as a rule, our readers like to make sure their vacation rental kitchen is well-stocked with their stuff.

Here's what our readers pack so they can get into their cooking groove wherever they are.


Our Readers’ Favorite Summer Lunches for Workdays — Reader Intelligence Report

When it's sticky and hot outside, and the AC is often blasting inside, it's hard to figure out what to eat for lunch. Do you plan to eat outside? Or warm something up in the microwave indoors? That's why we asked our readers to weigh in on the best summer lunches. Here are a few of the very smart ideas they shared.


What Do You Pack for Lunch in the Summer? — Reader Intelligence Request

Now that it's finally the first official day of summer (yay!) it's time to sit down and evaluate your lunch situation. Whether you're working from home, heading to the office, or packing something with you to take to campus, I think we can all agree that lunches should be a little different during the hot months.

Do you pack something that can be consumed outside? Do you try to eat as many vegetables or fresh fruits as you can? What recipes inspire you the most? We want to know!


The 6 Best Ways to Use Your Slow Cooker in the Summertime — Reader Intelligence Report

(Image credit: Diana Yen)

While you might associate the slow cooker with colder months (the stews! The chilis! The meats!), it shouldn't collect dust the second it gets hot out. In fact, it can save you a lot of time and won't heat your kitchen up. That's why we asked our readers to share their best recipes and ideas for using the slow cooker this summer. Here are six smart ideas to inspire you during the coming months.


Meredith & Michael’s 18th Century Kitchen Gets a “Put-Together Feeling” — Makeover

Project by: Meredith & Michael
Location: Portland, Maine

Space is at a premium in our 18th century home, so when our old wooden countertops needed replacing, we looked at making as few layout changes to our kitchen as possible. The kitchen and dining room also serve as a focal point in the floor plan, where we entertain guests and spend a good deal of our own time, so we wanted to give the room a consistent, put-together feeling.


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