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What’s Your Best Advice for Small Appliance Repairs? — Small Appliances, Sweet Love

Deciding whether to fix a broken appliance or just get a new one can be pretty tough in our disposable society — especially when you have a stack of blue-and-white coupons for 20 percent off at your nearest big box store, and when you don't even know where to get started. (It's not like you can just bring it back to the store, 10 years later, or leave it on your windowsill and wait for magical elves to come fix it. You can't, right?)

So, we're wondering, what have you done when you've found yourself with a non-toasty toaster or a non-mixing mixer? How do you determine if it'll cost less (in terms of time, money, and effort) to just get a new one? If you should just take a hammer to the old one and smash it to pieces? Or if it's worth fixing? If it's worth fixing, how do you even go about it?


Our Readers Share Their Favorite Foods to Eat When They’re Stressed — Reader Intelligence Report

Everyone feels stressed, and everyone has some anxiety, but it's the level at which we experience it and how we deal with it that sets us apart. Some people might find some solace in going running, while others think the best thing you can do is take a hot shower and go to bed. It's so personal, and yet I always love hearing how other people take care of themselves or find comfort when they're stressed or anxious.

Food is one way we can take care of ourselves every day — and I'm not talking about just "healthy" options. A couple weeks ago I asked our readers to tell me what they eat when they're stressed and I received a bevy of answers. Here are some of the trends I saw in the comment section on Facebook and on the post itself.


What Do You Eat When You’re Stressed? — Reader Intelligence Request

When times are tough and stress is high, there are a number of things people rely on to relieve the tension. And it's always nice to have an arsenal of things you can go to instead of just one. For some that means meditation or yoga, for others it might mean going for a run or taking a hot shower. But there's one thing I imagine many of us do: lean on food for a little comfort.

Different stressful situations may elicit different types of comfort food, but I'm curious to know if there is a thread among our readers of similar foods or recipes they rely on no matter the situation. Care to share what you eat (or drink)?


Submit Your Food Budget Diary for Kitchn’s New Series — Call for Submissions

Here at Kitchn we believe that having a solid food budget is an essential part of being financially stable. We've written quite a bit about budgeting in the past, including personal essays, tips for saving money on groceries, and ingredients that make budgeting easier. When it comes to setting up your own budget, however, I believe that the best advice comes from personal experience. You can get all the tips you want, but how does it really work day to day? Let us help you figure that out.

Starting next month Kitchn is launching a new series all about food budgeting, but we need your help. We're looking for people who are willing to share their experience with our readers anonymously. Could that be you?


Here’s What Makes You Happy in the Kitchen — Reader Intelligence Report

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Earlier this week, we asked you what makes you happy in the kitchen. For some of you, it's a tangible item like a sink or a pretty backsplash. Or it's a thing you do (so many of you love to bake) while you're in the space. Or it's a mix of both! The point? The kitchen has this amazing way of putting a smile on all of our faces.

Get inspired (and even happier!) by some of these reader comments.


What Makes You Happy in the Kitchen? — Reader Intelligence Request

Pictured: Neither me nor my kitchen.
(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

My kitchen doesn't have new appliances or fancy no-slam cabinet doors. The countertop is some sort of (very) dated Formica. And, for some reason, the gas oven squeaks while it's preheating. Imperfections aside, it's still my favorite room in the house.

It's my happy place. I can go in there and almost always make something out of nothing. I can bake sweet treats for my friends and family in there. I can listen to whatever terrible music I want to in there. I can completely zone out while washing dishes. My time spent in my kitchen is just that — my time. And it's the freaking best.


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