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The Transforming Power of a Wire Rack and a Few Heavy-Duty IKEA Hooks — Reader Project


We love it when you, our readers, take our tips and put them to use in your own kitchen! We recently heard from Kitchn reader Vanessa who, after being inspired by our brighter, cleaner, and more organized kitchen post, decided to tackle her own kitchen and make it better for the near year, and all for about $120. Here's what she did:


Send Us Your Kitchen Projects! (And a Few Tips For Stellar Submissions) —


Have you recently undergone a kitchen makeover or renovation and have great 'before' and 'after' photos of the process? Did you figure out a smart, efficient way to organize your pantry or cupboards, or come across a tip or product that changed your life in the kitchen? We want to see it!

Every week we showcase reader kitchens in our Before and After feature, and we're always looking for examples of smart kitchen solutions and organizing ideas. If you have a story to tell and good photos to go with it, send it to us! Even better? Follow these tips so we'll be sure to take notice of your project:


Got a Question for Reader Request Week? Tell Us What You Want on The Kitchn!

Got a Question for Reader Request Week? Tell Us What You'd Like To See on The Kitchn!

Last year we ran a week of posts here at The Kitchn that were in response to reader requests. It was such a hit that we're doing it again! In two weeks, our Reader Requests Week will bring you only posts that were written in response to a question or request from a reader (we even note on the post who requested it!). 

We have about 80 post slots to fill, and we're wide open: What do you want to read about during Reader Request Week? Are there recipes you are looking for? Cooking lessons? Ingredient help? Product and kitchen design? Tell us! We'll draw post ideas from the comments here, so tell us what you'd like to see us write about and we'll get to work! 


A Smart, Cheap Garden for Small Spaces: The Hanging Herb Garden — Reader Project

A Smart Small-Space Garden Project: The Hanging Herb Garden

It's high time to start a garden, but what if you have almost no outdoor space or, as in the case of this reader, Jean, clumsy roommates? Sew a hanging herb garden, that's what. Read on for more about Jean's ingenious solution and smart small-space garden! 


A Perrier Bottle Makes a Really Excellent (and Cheap!) Oil Cruet — Reader Tip

What do you use to store your oil and vinegar? One reader sent us this really pretty setup he created for almost nothing out of Perrier bottles, which turn out to be rather good-looking, once you peel off the labels. Here's his rationale... 


A Home Cook’s Practical Family Heirloom: An Embroidered Seasoning Chart

A Home Cook's Practical Family Heirloom: An Embroidered Seasoning Chart

We received a note from a reader named Peggy, who sent us these photos of the loveliest family heirloom: A hand-embroidered seasoning chart. Want to hear her story about this beautiful heirloom? 


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