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The 6 Best Slow Cookers, According to Our Readers — Shopping

It seems like there are as many slow cookers on the market as there are slow cooker recipes on the internet. How do you know which slow cooker is best to buy? There are so many to choose from! We have four different models just in our photo studio!

So how can you tell which Crock-Pot is worth your money? You could take a chance with an Amazon bestseller, or you could do what we did and crowdsource Kitchn readers. We asked you guys on Facebook to tell us what slow cookers you all have (and love!) at home. These are the ones that came up again and again.


The Best Things You Aren’t Buying at Costco, According to Our Readers — Shopping

While Costco stocks less items than the average supermarket (just 4,000 compared to 40,000), the warehouse store still carries a lot of products. Because it's basically impossible to be intimately familiar with everything they sell, we ran a crowd-sourcing mission: We asked you guys on Facebook for the best Costco items that most people don't know about. You know, beyond the store's iconic rotisserie chickens and giant teddy bears.

Here are the most brilliant nominations.


These Are the Most Annoying Things Your Family Members and Roommates Do in the Kitchen — Strong Opinions

Not to be all negative or anything, but sometimes our roommates (read: our family members, friends, strangers we found on Craigslist, pets, etc.) can be super annoying to live with — especially when it comes to how they use (or even don't use) the kitchen. For example, I love my husband to death, but he is very bad at closing cabinet doors. In that, he just doesn't. He can open cabinet doors, but I'm starting to worry that maybe he doesn't know how to close them. I am constantly walking behind him — doing my very best Vanna White impression — closing the doors he's opened.

I know I'm not the only one who's bothered by a little thing here or there. I know this, because we asked you guys. We posted a very simple question on Facebook: What's your biggest pet peeve in the kitchen? We got almost a thousand comments in a very short period of time (we're talking just a few hours).

Here were some of the biggest and best (or worst?) gripes you guys had.


Why Didn’t We Think of That? 18 Ingenious Kitchen Organizing Tips from Our Readers — Reader Intelligence Report

We get a lot of good ideas from you guys (like this one about how to put cheap cutting boards to good use!). So just for fun, we've rounded up 18 of the top tips you guys have given us recently. Steal some of them for your own kitchen and leave even more tips in the comments.


The Best Way to Put Cheap Cutting Boards to Good Use — Organizing Tips from Kitchn

You readers are so smart! Some of our best tips and ideas come from questions, suggestions, or comments you guys leave for us. Here's one that's proof of that.

Back in May, we worked with the founders of The Financial Diet, an amazing site dedicated to money and everything it touches, to come up with the ultimate list of the best things to buy and the things to skip at IKEA. Because otherwise, let's be honest, we'd end up spending all our money on all the things.

Read more: Buy This, Not That: IKEA Kitchen Supplies

The post suggested skipping the LEGITIM cutting boards. Sure, you can get a two-pack for just $3.99, but they scratch easily and aren't flexible enough to funnel ingredients into a pot. And "for something like a simple cutting board, you're much better off going to a Marshalls or Home Goods-type place and getting a much higher-quality board for the same price point." Convincing points, right? They were — until they weren't. One of our readers left a comment that had us running to our nearest IKEA.

Keep reading to steal her brilliant idea.


Where Should We Go & What Should We Eat in 2018? — Reader Request

(Image credit: Ali Lanenga/Stocksy)

This year, we've been eating and drinking our way through the United States. We've eaten the classics, like red beans & rice in New Orleans and apple dumplings in Upstate New York, and we've made some discoveries. In Louisville, for example, we learned that cornbread pancakes are the answer to a night of too much bourbon (or really the answer to What's for breakfast? on any Saturday or Sunday). We've found, too, that flavored oil is the secret to taking your breakfast egg taco from ho-hum to sublime.


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