Recipe: Pesto and Egg Baguette Sandwich — Lunch Recipes from The Kitchn

One of my favorite lunches while living in Paris was the simple baguette sandwich that any corner bakery carried. Unlike overstuffed American sandwiches, these usually only had butter and thin layers of ham and cheese. The baguette holding it all together was the key here — it had to be fresh, with a crispy outside and fluffy interior. Here's my latest version; it that can be eaten for either breakfast or lunch!


How To Make a Simple Rice Pilaf — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Think of rice pilaf as an upgrade to your everyday rice. It's like rice that puts on a clean dress and some earrings — not much extra work, but the tradeoff is a side dish that feels just a little bit fancy. Here's what to do.


Recipe: Sourdough Portobello Mushroom Sandwich — Lunch Recipes from The Kitchn

A good vegan sandwich needs some careful thought and construction. It has to have a good balance of textures and flavors, but it should also be satisfying without relying on meat or cheese. Portobello mushrooms are a popular ingredient choice (for good reason), and this one is no exception. Throw some sourdough bread in the toaster and let's get cooking!


How To Make Easy Vegan Mayonnaise — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

This is the absolute easiest vegan mayonnaise that I know. It's the one I pull out when I have a vegan friend coming over for lunch, or if the host of a dinner party asks me to bring a light dip for an appetizer. It calls for three ingredients and a blender, and it makes a creamy, slightly tangy mayonnaise that's ready to go with your favorite sandwich or salad.


Recipe: Tempeh Parmesan Sandwich — Lunch Recipes from The Kitchn

I have a soft spot for warm, toasty sandwiches. Just the simple act of heating something up suddenly makes lunch that much more exciting and satisfying, which is why one of my favorite hearty lunches is a classic chicken Parmesan sandwich. In this meat-free twist on the Italian-American favorite, a seasoned tempeh patty stands in for the usual breaded piece of chicken.


5 Flavorful Ways to Snack on Edamame — Snack Hacks from The Kitchn

Edamame may be your warm-up before a sushi dinner, but its best role is as a snack-time superstar. On its own, edamame doesn't pack a whole lot of flavor, but when you think of it as a total blank canvas, the possibilities of turning it into a punchy snack are endless.


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