Quick Kitchen Facts

Do You Know How Many Teaspoons Are in a Tablespoon? — Kitchen Facts

If you haven't already, memorizing some basic cooking measurement conversions is really worth doing. These conversions have been drilled into my head after years of recipe testing, and this is one of the most useful ones to know!


How Long Is It Safe to Keep Raw Meat in the Refrigerator? — Kitchen Facts

While the refrigerator is a modern-day miracle that lets us store perishable food safely for longer periods of time than room temperature allows, there is a limit to how long raw proteins can be refrigerated before they should be cooked. Here's a guide to help you know how long you can keep cuts of meat around!


What’s Considered Perishable Food? — Kitchen Facts

It's important to know how long foods can be stored and the right ways to store them — especially for perishable foods — but how exactly is the term "perishable food" defined, and which foods fall under this category?


How Long Can You Keep Fresh Fish and Shellfish in the Refrigerator? — Kitchen Facts

When cooking fresh fish or shellfish, we're always admonished to get it at the last minute and cook it ASAP for the ultimate in freshness and flavor. But with busy schedules and last-minute changes in plans, that's not always going to happen. So just exactly how long can you keep that raw seafood before you should cook it?


How Many Times Can I Reheat Food? — Kitchen Facts

If you have a big pot of soup or a lot of leftover casserole, you can pat yourself on the back that you've now got a quick meal waiting in the fridge. But just how many times can you reheat those leftovers safely?


The Right Internal Temperature for Cooked Fish — Kitchen Facts

Cooking fish may seem a bit intimidating at first — what kind of fish should you buy? How do you keep it from sticking to the pan? — but once you take the plunge, the rewards are delicious. Knowing when the fish is ready takes a little know-how, and we're here to help.


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