How Can I Salvage Bland Chicken Stock? — Good Questions

Q: I made some bland chicken stock for a pet to try, to encourage him to drink more, but he didn't end up liking it. I made the stock in a slow cooker and used a whole chicken, some carrots, sage, and basil, based on a recipe for pet broth that I found.


What Are Your Best Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner for Just a Few People? — Good Questions

Q: We've decided to stay home for Thanksgiving this year. While I've cooked a turkey many times before, I'm just not up for it this year — especially when it's just going to be my small family of four, two of whom are young children. I always run into the same issues, so I figured I'd finally ask the experts for some insight!


Is It Better to Buy Fresh or Frozen Fish? — Good Questions

Q: Is it better to buy frozen fish or fresh fish from the meat and seafood counter at grocery stores? I know it's better to buy shrimp frozen since the shrimp sold at the seafood section is just frozen shrimp that has been thawed, at least in most cases.


How Can I Use Uncrystallized Ginger? — Good Questions

Q: My husband and I like to eat dried crystallized ginger. In error I purchased uncrystallized, which turned out to be really hot. So I thought it might make great ginger snaps or ginger cakes. Do you have any recipes, or other ideas on how we might use the uncrystallized ginger?

Sent by Margot


What’s the Best Solution for Air-Drying Large Cookware Pieces? — Good Questions

Q: I'm in love with my new kitchen after a complete remodel, especially the two dishwashers. We often have large meals with lots of family, making these a well-used luxury.

However, there are still certain items that need to be hand-washed.


Can I Rescue My Cast Iron Skillet? — Good Questions

Q: I left my cast iron skillet on the stove top too long. The damage caused about half of the top layer to be burnt off, so there are parts that are dark black and other parts that are lighter.


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