How Do I Save a Dry Frittata? — Good Questions

Q: How do I refresh my dry frittata after I have overcooked it?

Sent by Lisa Askar


How Do I Store Vintage Glassware? — Good Questions

Q: I love to entertain, and this love encompasses a vast amount of vintage glassware.

While I know that a white bookcase could work perfectly well for displaying and storing glassware, I want to explore another option.


Is There a Way to Save Hardened Maple Syrup? — Good Questions

Q: I have some maple syrup that is beyond crystals — it's like pieces of quartz with a little syrup. Should I pitch it or is there some way to save it?

Sent by Sylvia


How Long Can I Refrigerate an Unbaked Pie? — Good Questions

Q: How long can I refrigerate an unbaked peach pie before the crust will get soggy?

Sent by Jan Gatenbein


How Do I Juggle a Meal That Requires Different Oven Temperatures? — Good Questions

Q: How do you handle preparing a meal on time when each plate requires a different oven temperature? Let's say you want to make baked chicken breasts (450°F) and baked apples (375°F for 40 minutes). Is there a way to combine both?

Sent by Sonsoles


What Recipes Can a New Mom Make While Nursing? — Good Questions

Q: New mom here. I am looking for recipes that I can stop and start throughout in case the baby wakes. For example, making anything that requires more than five minutes or so of continuous hands-on time will not work.


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