How Can I Save a Salty Dish? — Good Questions

Q: I added too much salt to my greens; is there anything I can do instead of throwing them out?

Sent by Claudia Crawford


How Do I Prevent Overbrowning on Bread and Rolls? — Good Questions

Q: I always have trouble with my rolls and bread browning on the top, but not on the bottom. Any helpful hints?

Sent by Glenda Guthrie


How Can I Use Up Ginger Syrup? — Good Questions

Q: I recently made a big batch of candied ginger for my holiday baking. As a result, I have about a pint of ginger syrup leftover from the process. What can I do to use up all this syrup?


Does Molasses Go Bad? — Good Questions

Q: How long will opened unsulfured molasses keep before spoiling?

Sent by John Otis


How Do I Store Walnuts? — Good Questions

Q: Shelled walnuts that were stored in the refrigerator turned black. This happened in hot, humid tropical weather. Does this mean the walnuts went bad? How can walnuts be stored in tropical weather to get the maximum shelf life out of them?

Sent by Asana Iyer


What Do I Bring to the Office Potluck? — Good Questions

Q: My office is holding a potluck to celebrate the holiday season. We can bring just about anything — appetizer, main dish, dessert, or drink. As you'd imagine in a big group of people, we have a few dietary restrictions, mainly vegetarian and kosher.


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