Is It Legal to Use a Fire Escape as a Patio? — Good Questions

The resounding goal of summer, no matter where in the country you live, is to spend as much time as possible outdoors. From cooking up some chicken on the grill to hanging by the pool, the more time under the sun, the better.

But where does that leave city-dwellers who don't have a sprawling suburban backyard to turn to? Well, for some, summer means it's fire escape season. Before you climb out your window and onto your apartment's perch, there are a few important things you should know.


How Much Protein Do You Need If You’re Working Out? — Protein 101

There is a smoothie shop next to my gym that sells all kinds of protein-enhanced smoothies and shakes. It is generally filled with Spandex-clad exercisers drinking from sippy cups of nutritionally enhanced produce, and they look happy about it.

But do they need protein shakes? Do I need a protein shake? Is a lack of lean post-workout protein what is standing between me and the fullest realization of my dormant muscles? Also, how different are my protein requirements — I am what we'll generously call a "moderate exerciser" — from those of an actual athlete, like a marathoner, or a person who stays at the gym for more than 50 consecutive minutes?


What Type of Chocolate Do I Need for This Devil’s Food Cake Recipe? — Good Questions

Q: I have an old recipe that calls for "Baker's Premium Chocolate No. 1." Baker's no longer markets a product called that, at least not that I can find. I have looked online, but cannot find which, if any, of their current products is the same. Is this unsweetened? Semi-sweet? Dark?


Any Suggestions on What to Make with Tatsoi? — Good Questions

Q: I ordered tatsoi greens from my CSA. Any thoughts on how best to use them?

Thanks, Kitchn! Love you!

Sent by Alice


Where Can I Find Pesticide-Free Roses? — Good Questions

Q: If we don't grow our own roses at home, how can we find roses we can be sure are not sprayed with pesticides?

Sent by Evona


My Cauliflower Pizza Crust Was Awful. Did I Do Something Wrong? — Good Questions

Q: I have quickly come to rely on Kitchn recipes for their consistently good results. So I'm curious to know your thoughts on low-carb pizzas with a crust made primarily from cauliflower.


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